Best Kept Secret in TEland

It’s funny how things come about when you are surfing a promo and seeing a page gives you an idea for a long over due blog post.  It’s the best kept secret in TEland.

Most of you that surf know about the daily top award certificates from Cooperative Marketing Group that people collect each day for a chance of a grand prize each week.  Well here is what you didn’t know – there is a splash page maker on the site.

If you surf as much as I do most of the time you see the same ole same ole ads all the time BUT once in while a page comes along that catches your eye.  This is the one that caught mine today and thought I’d share – I really don’t know Lance Dressler and if anyone reading this does let them know he did awesome job on this page

Now this is just a image of the page but if you click on the image it will open to the page.

Over the years, I have had alot of people ask me where can I make my own pages and I have to say the Sales Pages Maker is a place you should check out.    You just login to Cooperative Marketing Group and go to Sales Page Maker – there are alot of templates to choose from and then you can let your creative juices flow.

Here are a few other pages to share with you – login and make yours and I will make you an offer you can’t refuse – send me your link to YOUR CREATION and I will give you free start page for the week at Zaney Clicks AND Hummingbird Hits – what a deal huh?  Click either of the images to see the full page – now show me YOURS













Get Traffic To Your Blog

It’s funny how conversations in Skype rooms can give you a topic for a blog post and this one is going to surprise you on how to get traffic to your blog.

I was just in a Skype room and the conversation was that one site owner was not allowing blogs in their site.  So it was asked why as a blogger I like to get people to my blogs to help people from not going through some of the things that I have learned the hard way.

The conversation went to that the reason they didn’t was because people were just adding their main page and to me I agree that is just as bad as adding the home page or main page of a TE (traffic exchange) and wonder why you are not getting any referrals.

The one thing that came out of this conversation was think of advertising in TE’s as a billboard along a highway.  That ad on the billboard has to grab your attention going down the road at 65 mph.  Online advertising is no different – you members are surfing at 6, 8 and 10 second timers – you have that time frame to grab their attention.

Sourch: inboxity

Source: inboxity

HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  You have to get creative as an advertiser and put out splash pages or squeeze pages that are going to give them a REASON to click.  Just like the billboards along the highways – give the driver a reason to take the next exit and visit their store.

I recently did a blog post on What Happened to Creativity?  When is the last time you looked at ads in a magazine, newspaper, or even google ad examples?  Study those ads and notice how they are set up and that there are only key points there so that you will go to the store, go to their website, etc.

Bottom line is if you are trying to get traffic to your blog then you need to give me a reason to click and go to your blog – put on your creativity hat and can’t wait to see your ads that you create.   Below is one example of how you can get people to your blog.

Are You A Purple Cow?

No I have not lost my mind – that is what I thought when I first heard the term Purple Cow.  But I just wanted you to think about it – Are You A Purple Cow?

purplecow2What is a Purple Cow?  The purple cow is remarkable. It sticks out like a sore thumb among the other cows, it draws attention, and it’s memorable.  If you have not read this book yet – then check it out here Purple Cow by Seth Godin

The reason for the post is for the affiliates that are using the same splash pages that 90% of the other members are using.  This is like playing the lottery to me – people surf and see the pages over and over and because it’s in their face they may gradually click on it and your page just might be the one that they clicked on and you got a referral,

Now if you were a Purple Cow – your page would be remarkable – it would make those people surfing stop and look.  The Purple Cows in the world know the secret of getting more sales and more referrals.

purplecowSo before you put in your same ole same ole affiliate page – think outside the box and create your own.  Oh I hear you as you don’t think that you are a designer, you don’t know how – well I didn’t either and still am not a designer by all means – but I do like something different.

Where can you make your own free pages on sites like Easy Hits 4 You and Click Voyager.  If you are looking for the site that offers lot of templates for your designing skills, then I would recommend AdKreator.  As a free member, you can create one and they will host – if you want to make more than one you will need to upgrade.

So in closing, I would like you to think about your advertising and ask yourself are you a Purple Cow.  If you aren’t getting the results that you are looking for – try some remarkable – stick out from the rest.




Legacy Result – Free Active Converting Traffic!

With all the new traffic exchanges that launch most of the time it’s the same ole same ole well I have to say this one really is different.  Legacy Result – Free Active Converting Traffic!   Now I don’t know about you but those are powerful words about a site – and for all of you that need to hear to believe – listen to the owner.

Ok you heard from the owner – let me tell you a few things that I am enjoying at the stie.  First is the option of the surf bar – when you get there try out the modern – now that sure gets the advertisers site in your face.

The second thing is the commissions – wowwww I took the yearly OTO and have made that money plus already and this site is only 10 days old as of this writing

Third is the banner exchange is awesome – I have Zaney Clicks added and it’s getting seen all over with this banner exchange.  On the site it shows you how many hits you are getting – and for all you doubtful people – banners do work.

Fourth is the Paid to Promote – yep you heard right – there are 7 sites that if you put your paid to promote url in those sites – you will get paid.  How cool is that

Fifth is the Legacy Command Center – and this is a life saver for me as all I have to do is login here and know in a glance everything on the other sites – my credit assigned and unassigned, sites/banner/text in rotation, how much cash I have in each site and yes you guessed it I can login to all the sites from this ONE site.

Now I could go on and on as this program is just packed full of benefits and Marcus was right with describing Legacy Result – Free Active Converting Traffic!
Trust me you will be glad that you jump in on this one – click the image and will see you there.  Remember if you have any questions or need help just skype me @ nancyradlinger.

What gets you motivated?

70368812898529689_NFxvEVTK_bYou can ask that question to alot of people and probably will get so many different answers but let me tell you what I tell people when I’m asked What gets you motivated

Most of you know that I’m retired now and thus back online full time and yes I did get back in my old habits of being a nite owl – and love it, love it, love it.  See I work all nite while most are sleeping and then go to bed and watch what happens when I get up.

On a typical day I usually get up from anywhere between noon and 2 PM and this has been working for me, I first do my skype messages, the support tickets, emails and then before I start my day of activities – I have found a Blab session that I am just loving.

For all of you that have not heard of Blab – this is a video chat where you can listen to the speaker live and comment in the chat – kinda like spreecast.  Anyway Jon Olson does a live show Monday – Friday at 4 EST.  This is the kickass that I need each day as he keeps it short, to the point but wowwwwwwww the info that you get is just awesome.

Now don’t whine yet as if that time don’t work for you – it’s recorded and you can watch it at your convenience.    I want to just add a few of the latest ones that I have just loved and hope that you will stop by sometimes.

AND by taking action afterwards instead of making excuses, I can get up the next day and go wowwwwwww that is just awesome – in skype I hear about maybe the first sale a member got, someone else got 5 referrals and never got that many in one day and the list goes on and on – that is what gets me motivated.

changeIt’s not easy to putting in all the hours it takes sometimes or to keep pushing when you are not seeing the results that you are wanting yet.  Well I look at it this way imagine that you have a jar that you save your change in – and each day you add to that jar.  If you keep adding everyday to that jar – all of a sudden that jar gets full.

Here is some of the latest videos that I have enjoyed – click any of the links below

3 Steps For Massive Growth of Your List
Your Vision! Your Goals!
The Race To Remarkable
Branding, Building & Everything In Between



Why Cooperative Marketing Group?

Have you ever wished a site would open that would make your life easier – well I have great news for you – it’s here and I want to tell you why Cooperative Marketing Group.

cooperative marketing groupFirst this site is owned by two well trusted site owners Randy Howard and Eric Abbott – don’t know about you but that is one of the first things I look for when I look when joining a new site.

The next thing that I watch is how much you see it when you are surfing other sites and I have to say that I see it all over and I also watch who is promoting it and Randy and Eric are doing a great job of keeping the site out there.

The other thing that I am enjoying about this site is how they are teaching members to not over surf at sites and surf more sites daily and how are they doing that by introducing reward certificates.  There are 63 TE’s that have signed up so far and offer these certificates and all you have to do to claim them is surf around 125 pages daily.


Being a stats person, I also watch the stats of the top 20 people that is on the site and I have to say that they are doing a great job at teaching people – and you know the other thing that I’m hearing from some of the chat rooms that I’m in is that people are getting more referrals and better results since they are surfing more site – hmmmmm imagine that – WTG Randy and Eric.

For all of you that are thinking – yea right just something else out there to collect and what is in it for me – well does a CASH jackpot appeal to you?  Well it does to lot of members and is being won every week – hmmmmm imagine that

Oh yea I know what you are thinking – well the same person wins all the time but they even divided up the cash jackpot into 7 winners each week – so now what is your excuse?   Ahhhhhhh but why Cooperative Marketing Group (CMG)  and what will it do for me?

Well I’m going to share what it’s doing for me – it is bringing me in results, it is getting my sites seen in sites that I don’t have time to get to, it freeing up my time so that I can have the time to write this blog post.  With me working full time offline, my time has been limited and Cooperative Marketing Group has helped me keep my site out there in people face.

Here is the easy part – all I have to do is surf the sites that have the certificates and earn my daily certificate – I don’t do that to be in the running for who gets the most – I do it because with each one that I collect I earn a random amount of points.   Why is that important – well I can trade those points for more advertising at CMG which in return keeps my site out and about.

There is ONE more thing that I want to tell you about and that is what you earn by adding your coop referral link or/and your banner coop link out in other sites

Participating in the CMG Co-op is Real Easy!
Simply Add your Co-op URL to Your Favorite Traffic Systems
And Every Time it Gets Viewed, You’ll Earn Credits Here at CoopMG.

FREE Advertisers Earn 0.5 Credits per view Generated
Basic Advertisers Earn 0.7 Credits per view Generated
Premium Advertisers Earn 0.9 Credits per view Generated
Elite Advertisers Earn 1.1 Credit per view Generated

Now the ONE thing about this is that you only get credit if the site is in the coop.  But what if your favorite site is not in the list of site in the coop well you can add your banner coop URL anywhere that you want and earn square banner impressions

Participating in the CMG Banner Co-op is Real Easy!
Simply Add your Banner Co-op URL at Your Favorite Traffic Systems
And Every Time it Gets Viewed, You’ll Earn Sq Banner Impressions
Here at Cooperative Marketing Group.

FREE Advertisers Earn 3 Sq Banner Impression per view Generated
Basic Advertisers Earn 6 Sq Banner Impression  per view Generated
Premium Advertisers Earn 10 Sq Banner Impression  per view Generated
Elite Advertisers Earn 15 Sq Banner Impression  per view Generated

cooperative marketing group

Well I can see from my word count that I really got carried away to Why Cooperative Marketing Group – believe me I only named a partial list of the benefits of this site – trust me and click the banner and put your life on easy street.  Oh one more quick thing – for all of you that like to see stats – you will see them here – so get started NOW.

Help Me I can’t decide

thinkingThere are so many times that I hear from members that there are just so many pages at a site that it makes them hard to pick the one to use to promote and I hear Help Me I can’t decide.

While I can tell you which ones get the best results for me as I track – I have also found that what works for one does not work for others.  So I have a simple solution for you  and it really does not take that long to set up and this WILL save you time and credits in the long run.

In sites where there are so many wonderful pages to choose from and even I have hard time deciding which ones to pick – well here is what I do…………….I go to Zaney Clicks and then I pick out 5 of the ones that I want to use and I set them up as trackers – now if you want to save time down the road – you can add them all in there and then go and set up a rotator.

161777811584436570_IxPBd3u7_bFor this example, I will use Zaney Clicks as there are soooooooo many to promote – I simply set up zcsplash1, zcsplash2.  Believe me I started out that way and now I get a little more descriptive in my names zccatsrule, zcspring, zcwaitingcats – well you get the idea.

After you add your trackers, then you go and set up your Zaney Rotator and then you add five of them in that rotator – then take that rotator URL and put it all over.  That’s right this is a great way to save credits – as the 5 trackers that you have added will rotate each time your rotator is shown – pretty cool huh

Now here is the best part, test these and if you are not getting referrals, then go in and pick a couple more to change out.  This is where you learn to work smarter and not harder – because you have your rotator URL all over – you just go back to Zaney Clicks and take out a few and then add a few more and test them.

You know how much time you just saved yourself because you didn’t have to chase all over and change the URL – you make your changes and they are changing where ever you had that rotator URL

cat14That is how you save time and credits – because now instead of trying to assign credits to 5 of your favorite URL’s you only have to assign them to ONE URL .  Now I know you are thinking wow I could do that with 5 favorite sites, my 5 money makers, or my 5 sites that get me referrals – easy peasy huh???????

I don’t know about you but do you ever get to the point that you get CRS and you can’t remember where you even have your links – well I admit that I suffer from that occasionally – well until I started using the free tracker and rotator services that many sites offer – when you look at your stats – you will see exactly where everything is showing and how many times.

So the next time that you just can decide and want to say Help Me I can’t decide – try this and as always would love to hear how this works for you – I know it’s been a true blessing for me now that I have gone back to work.

shhhhhkittyTIP:  Some sites have a splash page rotator and that is even a gold mine – put that in YOUR rotator and that site is covered – then just find 4 more that offer that shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone that I let that slip out

Work Smarter, Not Harder (part 2)

161777811584436570_IxPBd3u7_bWell I’m going to take a few minutes to put an answer to a question that I have gotten over and over the last week on the previous post Work Smarter, Not Harder and I love the feedback that I get from these post – so feel free to leave comments here or Skype me @ nancyradlinger

People have mentioned to me that they has been trying this theory and so I asked each one to tell me what they had been doing with the site they were promoting.  Each said they had put in the site url, added a banner and text link in other TE’s and assigned credits to that one url, banner and text – that the sites would only allow the url to be added once.

cat14After hearing this, I realized that I didn’t mention that the way to utilize ALL of your sources that is available to you did not fully explain what I was thinking and that you all are not mind readers – sorry my fault for not explaining further.

Here is what I do when a site will not allow the same url to be repeated – I will go to the site and grab the urls of the splash pages as they are all different urls – and if you go to the site that you are promoting you will hopefully see that the site has offered you a variety of pages to promote.  Oh I know you are thinking why would I want to do this.

There are a few reasons why this important to do – when you are picking out a splash page to promote you are picking the one that you like and I learned from years ago that just because I like it – others may not have the same taste as I do.

See I owned a gift shop for years and when I would go to buying shows I would take a couple girlfriends along to go with me and then I would order a variety of things from what I liked and what they liked.  This is a big mistake I made for years with the gift shop till I learned that just because I would never like this particular thing – it doesn’t mean someone else might.

Well the same works in promoting your ONE site – when you are picking the splash pages that you like based on the graphic, colors, etc. – you are limiting your audience.  So that is why it’s important to pick a splash that you don’t like, colors that you think are just ucky as there are some out there – it could be their favorite and they click.

cutekittenNow I know you are thinking, Nancy you have really gone Zaney – there is no way that someone is going to click on an add just because they like the colors, the graphics etc. well I did a test oh about a year ago and tested it – same ad and just changed the background in it – now here is the interesting part – I got the same results from each page.

So with so many talking to me this week with similar stories thought I would do a follow up post on Work Smarter, Not Harder as there might be more of you out there with the same issues.  Grab those splash page url and add them to your tracker and bet you will be surprised what your results will be.

When is it SPAM

spammingIt’s been interesting over the years all the definitions of SPAM as when you Google the word this is what you get irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients – so want to mention a few things as to when is it Spam.

Over the years, when someone drops a link in a chat room they were considered to be a spammer and people had no tolerance for it but I listened to James Dias Traffic Exchange Daily  the other day and I have added it here and this will help clear up some questions on when is it SPAM

So how many have done that on the social sites??????? I know I’m have been guilty and this was an eye opener for me as I have been banning people for years for adding a link to my chats on my sites and even in my Skype room – YET I would throw links out on Twitter and Facebook.

Would love to hear any feedback on this and also any suggestions on how I as a site owner can change things up when I’m asking you to hit that Twitter or Facebook buttons on the site.

So the next time before you hit that button or throw your link into the social media – hope you will think about this post and when is it SPAM.

Letting the Cat out of the Bag

catoutofbag3Well I was chatting with another owner this morning and thought as long as I had my stats up that I would share as I do get asked this quite a bit so decided it’s time of letting the cat out of the bag.  Now I will say that you can ask others and you will probably see different results – these results are for Zaney Clicks

The first I would like to share – there were sorted by signups and I went with the top 20 on this one as I wanted you to see the variety of sites.  This is also what all these number mean and I did put in the banners as I wanted to show that banner advertising does work.

source URL, hits, signups, banners hits, signups     3356     127     2755     9     88761     38     60     0     539     18     51     0     60     15     2037     24     35353     11     6334     0     18690     11     41161     7     70750     9     27055     0     8825     9     1048     0     69     9     0     0     28     8     0     19224     8     901     0     50758     7     52109     5     12592     7     9535     7     202412     6     11954     0     29943     6     125855     3     20     6     3275     7     63326     5     94705     0     44999     5     33850     0     33586     5     41912     1     44352     5     83358     1

judgingcatNow to narrow this down further as I really wanted to show you all that banner advertising does work – here are some of the results with now sorting by banner signups – For all of you that think banners don’t work hmmmmmmm well am hoping to change you mind here

source URL, hits, signups, banners hits, signups     60     15     2037     24     23827     5     29853     20     57     0     205268     12     3356     127     2755     9     12592     7     9536     7     20     6     3276     7     4     1     369     7     18692     11     41169     7     50762     7     52118     5

fatcatmoneyOk now I know you want to talk money and sells so I did one more set of stats for you – hope that you will start seeing why it’s so important to have some sort of tracking on what you are doing.

And for the purpose of this post – wanted to show you another top 10 sorted this time by top sells and I did this one on purpose as I want you to look closer at this one

source URL, hits, signups, banners hits, signups     50765     7     52123     5     1039     0     56705     3     1867     0     17986     1     4     1     369     7     3356     127     2755     9     63332     5     94715     0     89925     4     8244     0     60     15     2037     24     76     2     9897     1     1431     1     0     0

Ok now did you see that sometimes that sometimes it’s could only be one signup from a site and you make a sale but did you also see that some of the sales came from the banner signups – so do keep them in mind and use all the available resources that are out them as you just NEVER know where that next is coming from.

148a84aa823a70b30c8d1035ccba6319Also, I hope that this gives some insight on why you will hear so many say track, track, track as if you go back all these you will see a pattern of some sites that stick out in each way they were sorted and that is how you know where to make sure you have credits, the places that if I see a deal on the sites – that is probably where I am going to put my money

So hope this letting the cat our of the bag opens your eyes some and answered some of the questions that I get from members on what is working and how do I know where to advertise at.