TE Marathon – your questions

Well for all of you that have asked me about TE Marathon and what is it, how does it work and why should I collect so thought it would be easier to answer all of you in this blog post.

TE Marathon is a traffic exchange with a little twist – oh I know what is running thru your mind “another TE”.  At TE Marathon – you not only can surf to get your sites seen BUT you can also surf other sites and still get your site seen.

How?  What? When you surf the group of traffic exchanges (TE’s) you watch for the medals in the surf bar and the more you collect the more advertising you are earning.

The prizes you win by finding each medal:

Surf 51 pages
100 Text Ad Impressions (Free member)
400 Text Ad Impressions (Pro member)
Surf 101 pages
50 Banner Impressions (Free member)
200 Banner Impressions (Pro member)
Surf 251 pages
10 Credits (Free member)
40 Credits (Pro member)
Surf 501 pages
20 Credits (Free member)
80 Credits (Pro member)
Surf 1001 pages
$0.02 (Free member)
$0.08 (Pro member)

For Pro members the prizes are multiplied by 4!
Now the reasons are way too numerous to list them all there – so why don’t you join me and see for yourself – you will not regret the ease of this new TE with a twist.


Why Affiliate Funnel?

So often we get caught up in all the new programs that we forget about the old ones that are working and in my opinion is a must join and I’ll try and tell you why Affiliate Funnel.

If I was starting out today, and really didn’t know what I was doing yet, needed some training and guidance, was overwhelmed with all the traffic exchanges and safelist out there, this is where I would start.  Well in my opinion, Affiliate Funnel offers the answers that you need and will give you the source to build your list and earn commissions as an affiliate.

Here are some of the reasons that I enjoy using Affiliate Funnel – the best part is that as an upgraded member you are allowed to pick programs to add to a splash page that is in your affiliate toolbox – this is what mine looks like.  My Affiliate Funnel Page (Yes this is even available to free members – two programs can be added)  This gives you the opportunity to promote the programs that you pick along with Affiliate Funnel at the same time – how cool is that

When you first start or even a seasoned marketer,  it’s really hard to know which sites are new, which one have been here awhile – well this will gives you a great list of the ones as to even be listed in the downline builder you need to have reached 3000 members.  Now some of you might think that is not fair, but it helps to weed out the ones that are really here for the long haul, ones that are serious about growing their business.

Now one of the biggest mistakes I see people do when they join is look at all those pages and think WOWWWWWWWWW there is no way I can join all those sites and why would I want to – good question.  But with this list it will give you a place to start – some guidance which ones to join if you don’t have a mentor to ask.  The other mistake is not filling in your affiliate id’s when you join a site.

AND did you know that they give you a free guide to help build your list – so basically took the excused away and made available the tools that you need to build a list and start earning online.  There are squeeze pages already built for you – you just need to add your autoresponder info.

Still confused after viewing the site – well you can bring your questions to a FREE webinar on Saturday’s at NOON EST and the gold nuggets (tips of the trade) that you can get by attending these and listen to Marci Jones is a priceless.

So I will ask you Why Affiliate Funnel?  This program is one of the best list building tools out there offering your many avenues to be able BUILD YOUR LIST.  AND you don’t even have to request your money, you are paid directly to your Paypal or Payza account once you have earned 10.00 or more.

Join my Team now and get started building YOUR list 

Getting back to the basics

backtobasicsStarting on the internet years ago and discovering traffic exchanges – this was all new to me and like a different language.  So I thought I would do a post of some of the highlights that I see people struggling with in getting back to the basics.

The first new word I learned was Gravatar and I still see people struggling with how to get one, what they are so let me explain. Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.

Now I know lot of you would like to use the rotator or the personal splash pages but not sure how to get your picture to show up.  Well you go to Gravatar.com and sign up with your email account and then upload your picture. Every time that you use that email addy when you sign up at a site your picture will follow you – it’s that simple and easy.

On the site for the personal splash pages, you simply go to personal splash page and type in you name and then upload your picture, add a banner link and image if you want, and also a testimonial about the site – click save.  Then you can go to the bottom of that page and view the pages that are there to see what it looks like and then use those links to help brand yourself.

The other thing when I started was banners – wow they were so confusing for me – so will try and give you examples to hopefully make it easier.  On most sites the standard banner size is 468×60 and unless stated is what you should be adding.

This is a 468×60 and can be found by clicking on the tab Affiliate Toolbox

Now to add this to other site you will go to that page and look for the image URL and then your referral URL and this is what they will look like – AND make sure you add them in the right place otherwise they will not show – you will get that dreaded square with x
Image URL  http://zaneyclicks.com/getimg.php?id=2
Your Referral URL http://zaneyclicks.com/?rid=57962 (this would be the main page)

Now I know it can be confusing when you get to the Affiliate Toolbox as you see alot of splash page URL and you are going which one do I use – well for all of you that can’t decide like me – well you can use the link under splash rotator.  What this does is on other sites when your link comes up to be shown – all the splash pages will randomly show each time – pretty cool huh?  http://zaneyclicks.com/splash_rotator.php?rid=57962

One more thing before ending here, when you sign up to a site you are asked to put in your email address – now there are many reasons for this but the main one is so that the site owner can communicate with you and keep you informed about new things, promos, and other things that you may need to know.

So when you enter a bogus email you are only hurting yourself because on this site – if your email bounces (means you can’t get it and it comes back to me undeliverable) then that tells me that you are not serious about want to learn and be part of this site.  So what happens is that you get suspended till this is fixed.

AND if you don’t go to your profile and fill in your Paypal address – well when it’s time for the site to make payouts – it will skip over you and not pay you.  So if you want to be paid take the time to fill in your Paypal address

Hopefully this will help some of you that are getting started and fill lost and if you were like me didn’t want to ask – well let me tell you ASK – don’t be shy and there is no stupid question.  Even today, when I run into things I type my question into Google and guess what I find my question is not that stupid because someone else asked it to and there is an answer for me wooooooohooooooo  Now you know my secret for learning new things daily and a little on getting back to the basics.