Work Smarter, Not Harder (part 2)

161777811584436570_IxPBd3u7_bWell I’m going to take a few minutes to put an answer to a question that I have gotten over and over the last week on the previous post Work Smarter, Not Harder and I love the feedback that I get from these post – so feel free to leave comments here or Skype me @ nancyradlinger

People have mentioned to me that they has been trying this theory and so I asked each one to tell me what they had been doing with the site they were promoting.  Each said they had put in the site url, added a banner and text link in other TE’s and assigned credits to that one url, banner and text – that the sites would only allow the url to be added once.

cat14After hearing this, I realized that I didn’t mention that the way to utilize ALL of your sources that is available to you did not fully explain what I was thinking and that you all are not mind readers – sorry my fault for not explaining further.

Here is what I do when a site will not allow the same url to be repeated – I will go to the site and grab the urls of the splash pages as they are all different urls – and if you go to the site that you are promoting you will hopefully see that the site has offered you a variety of pages to promote.  Oh I know you are thinking why would I want to do this.

There are a few reasons why this important to do – when you are picking out a splash page to promote you are picking the one that you like and I learned from years ago that just because I like it – others may not have the same taste as I do.

See I owned a gift shop for years and when I would go to buying shows I would take a couple girlfriends along to go with me and then I would order a variety of things from what I liked and what they liked.  This is a big mistake I made for years with the gift shop till I learned that just because I would never like this particular thing – it doesn’t mean someone else might.

Well the same works in promoting your ONE site – when you are picking the splash pages that you like based on the graphic, colors, etc. – you are limiting your audience.  So that is why it’s important to pick a splash that you don’t like, colors that you think are just ucky as there are some out there – it could be their favorite and they click.

cutekittenNow I know you are thinking, Nancy you have really gone Zaney – there is no way that someone is going to click on an add just because they like the colors, the graphics etc. well I did a test oh about a year ago and tested it – same ad and just changed the background in it – now here is the interesting part – I got the same results from each page.

So with so many talking to me this week with similar stories thought I would do a follow up post on Work Smarter, Not Harder as there might be more of you out there with the same issues.  Grab those splash page url and add them to your tracker and bet you will be surprised what your results will be.

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10 thoughts on “Work Smarter, Not Harder (part 2)

  1. Hi Nancy,

    Another great post today! I agree with you about using different Splash Pages because some will pull better than others, and everyone does have their own taste. I would also tell people that they need to use every advertising platform they can think of as well – don’t just use Traffic Exchanges. There are many great places to advertise, and I will mention them again…
    1) Text Ad Exchanges – use the ones that are connected with large networks
    2) Solo Ads
    3) Viral Mailers
    4) Safelists
    5) Herculist is a great place to advertise at and I get a good conversion there
    6) Donkey Mails is great and again a good conversion rate.
    7) Pay to Click sites – stick with the larger sites such as Neobux, Click Sense etc these are very reputable and have a good conversion rate.
    8) Social Media sites – I always get results at Facebook and Twitter
    9) Forums
    10) Blogging

    Lastly think about what you are promoting, let’s say you are selling pet supplies, do a Google search about pets and pet supplies and find what sites come up. Any forum or group that talks about pets you can write articles etc about pets there, and make connections with pet owners. Eventually you may meet some people that will be interested in what you have to sell.

    You just need to learn to promote, promote, promote, and then promote some more – everywhere you can think of. The more people get to know, like, trust, and recognize you, the more people will do business with you.

    That’s my 2 cents worth Nancy. I hope this will help someone.

  2. IF marketers thought straight, they would realize their success is NOT dependent on what they like. In fact it is totally up to their prospective market.

    The only way to find out what draws is a survey for starters and as you say, always choose the page you like least. It isn’t about you it is about what your market is looking for.

  3. Hi Nancy, yes I agree about various splash pages, but like Marilyn said in conjunction with the other methods, then you can’t go wrong. Nice post.

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Great post and equally great replies. The only thing I would add is to not stick to the
    splash pages supplied by the program you`re promoting….get out there and make your own too.

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