Best Kept Secret in TEland

It’s funny how things come about when you are surfing a promo and seeing a page gives you an idea for a long over due blog post.  It’s the best kept secret in TEland.

Most of you that surf know about the daily top award certificates from Cooperative Marketing Group that people collect each day for a chance of a grand prize each week.  Well here is what you didn’t know – there is a splash page maker on the site.

If you surf as much as I do most of the time you see the same ole same ole ads all the time BUT once in while a page comes along that catches your eye.  This is the one that caught mine today and thought I’d share – I really don’t know Lance Dressler and if anyone reading this does let them know he did awesome job on this page

Now this is just a image of the page but if you click on the image it will open to the page.

Over the years, I have had alot of people ask me where can I make my own pages and I have to say the Sales Pages Maker is a place you should check out.    You just login to Cooperative Marketing Group and go to Sales Page Maker – there are alot of templates to choose from and then you can let your creative juices flow.

Here are a few other pages to share with you – login and make yours and I will make you an offer you can’t refuse – send me your link to YOUR CREATION and I will give you free start page for the week at Zaney Clicks AND Hummingbird Hits – what a deal huh?  Click either of the images to see the full page – now show me YOURS













My view on K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid)

kiss2Well most of you know that somedays I can surf alot of pages and view a lot of ads that are out there and I want to tell you something that I learned the hard way.  Here is my view on K.I.S.S and for all that don’t know what that stands for – Keep It Simple Stupid and no I didn’t come up with this as I don’t like calling someone Stupid – my version would have been Keep It Simple Sweetheart – altho I look back on some of the mistakes that I did over the years and guess sometimes stupid just does fit.

Ten years ago when I first got online, I soon realized that there were some things that I was going to have to learn or have lot of money in my budget and that was designing splash pages.   Well since the latter was not there at the time, I started looking around learning how to make my own pages.

Am I a designer??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Do I like to play around with making something different than the norm?  Yesssssssss   Because of the later, I started experimenting with different programs and ohhhhh it was like turning a kid loose with a new toy.

So let me tell you some of the BIG mistakes that I made and why I want you all to learn to K.I.S.S.  One of the first things is finding out there is a whole world of fonts out there and ahhhhhhhh so pretty – but guess what even tho they are fancy and cute – you only have a short amount of time for a person to read what you want them to read.

If they can’t read your fancy font – you might just lost a referral or even a sell.  K.I.S.S. Yea, I said the same thing but it’s soooooooo cute but I quickly learned that cute didn’t get me results.  So I found a plain, simple font and started using that and wow that sure made a difference in the clicks on my ads then.

Well I know you have seen pages with all the bells and whistles – flashing light, bright colors, and yea I did the same thing.  My thinking at the time was that the flashing was going to catch someone eye more that just K.I.S.S. – well I was wrong.  What wound up happening was that people were leaving the page faster because it hurt their eye and even had some told me it gave them headaches.

When I heard this I was shocked as I just thought I was making my page stand out  – keep this in mind on your banners and splash pages that blinking can give bother some people and they won’t even look at your page no matter how many hours you put into making it.

designNow I’m not saying that you should just design a plain black and white splash – what I am saying is that you don’t have to go overboard on the designing.   What I learned is that when you put too much into how fancy you can make your page sometimes your actual message you were trying to convey gets lost.

So the next time that you feel like being creative – go to Google and look up some of the well known businesses and click on images for that business.  Remember, it’s the message that you want people to know – not how fancy your page is.  One more thing to keep in mind is the loading time for your page – with faster timers these days – another reason to K.I.S.S.

Rotators – how to use them and why

Well, so many folks have asked me to explain rotators – how to use them and why – so thought I would come here and give you an easy to follow explanation. I’m sure there are those who have wondered also and just not asked yet!  I know rotators mystified me when I first started with Traffic Exchanges!

First of all, a rotator combines multiple sites urls into one “rotating url”, hence the name “Rotator”. Each time your rotator is viewed on a Traffic Exchange, or in a Mailer e-mail message, a different url that you have placed inside your rotator will be viewed. This is an amazing marketing tool as not only can you add multiple sites URLs inside the rotator, but using a rotator will save you time, credits, and makes it so much easier to track your results! In Zaney Clicks, we offer this terrific service for FREE! To get started, you just need to login and scroll down to the Menu button that says “Rotators”.

Adding a Rotator at Zaney ClickAdding a Rotator at Zaney Clicks: This is the page that you will see when you click on the button “Rotators”.

The first thing that you will want to do is click on “tracker” – now a tracker is simply a way to give you information (statistics) about where your URL is being seen, how many hits you are receiving daily and this info will help you to gradually see what is working and what is not – this is very important for you to know!

Now I just made a new rotator for this blog post and what I did is added the “Team” splash pages that I made for the members that Team surf at Zaney. Here is an example of a page that I made:

You will want to add the URL of the page that you want to show in your rotator and give it a name – so I added the URL above for Breezey’s Team – I just picked bree for the name and so that tracker URL looks like this

Not that hard huh? Then, I would pick 5 – 7 URL’s and add them as your tracker urls then I will explain what you do next. After you have added your trackers – then you click on rotator at the top and that lets you set up your rotator.

Team Surfing Rotator for Zaney Clicks

The next step is to give your rotator a name– you can be as creative as you want as the name that you pick will be part of your rotator’s URL as you can see from the image above (if you can’t see it then click on the image to zoom in) Me, I don’t get that fancy as you can see from my final URL

Now to view this rotator you can click on the link and then click your computer’s F5 button and you should be able to see how the pages change in the rotator. Because this was not my normal amount of urls for use in a rotator, I went back and added more trackers in this example.

NOW for the BIG reason for this blog post – Rotators – how to use them and why. Once you have plastered this ONE rotator URL all over and assigned credits to it – you have just saved yourself time and here is how.

One – you only have one link that will need credits so you don’t have to surf as much to keep one URL going but, you are keeping 5 – 7 sites in front of people, at all times! If you are a person that has an abundance of credits, then I would go back and create another rotator and add either the same sites or, you can add more trackers – and then add a second or third. I know what you are thinking – why should I make a new rotator and not just add this first URL 2 or 3 times – well some sites do not let you add the same URL more than once.

Another BIG reason this will save you time is that you don’t have to remember where you added a site, you don’t have to chase all over when a site “disappears” on you or changes their url, you don’t have to chase all over when your favorite site comes out with a new splash, new promo, etc. – you just go back to Zaney Clicks and add another tracker with your NEWEST url that you want to add. Click on Rotators and add/edit sites and click to add the newest url and unclick the one that you don’t want to use anymore.

This will also take the guess work out of trying to remember, “Now, where do I have to surf for credits?”, or “Which sites am I currently using to promote – drive traffic to – my sites?” as you can come back to your Rotators Page on Zaney Clicks where you will now be able to check your tracker statistics. On the page that lists your trackers, you will see where it says “daily stats” – click that and it will tell you the site where your url is being seen and how many hits (page views) your URL received for the day.

Now, if you want to see where you have your Rotator URL – then click on “rotators” – “daily stats” and that will show you all the places that your rotator was seen today. If your list looks like it should be bigger, then I go to the left of that screen and click the arrow buttons and go back to an earlier date and you will be able to tell which Traffic Exchange you need to surf next where your Rotator is most likely to be out of credits.

How can you tell how many hits (views) per day you are receiving – well on the left side, if you click on the graph of each day (that little dot on the graph) the date will pop up along with the number of hits for that day.

I hope all this will help give you a start if you have not been using rotators because you were unsure of how to use them and I hope you will give them a try! I think you will Love using them as much as I do! Remember, if you have any questions, comments, or need help – I’m here for you – just send in a support ticket or Skype me

You know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give some type of incentive to everyone that takes action – so what I will do – for everyone that sends me their Zaney Clicks rotator url– I will add it to all the Magical Jewels Marketing Group Sites and with a start of 100 credits – now get me those Zaney Clicks Rotator URLs!!!


Help Me I can’t decide

thinkingThere are so many times that I hear from members that there are just so many pages at a site that it makes them hard to pick the one to use to promote and I hear Help Me I can’t decide.

While I can tell you which ones get the best results for me as I track – I have also found that what works for one does not work for others.  So I have a simple solution for you  and it really does not take that long to set up and this WILL save you time and credits in the long run.

In sites where there are so many wonderful pages to choose from and even I have hard time deciding which ones to pick – well here is what I do…………….I go to Zaney Clicks and then I pick out 5 of the ones that I want to use and I set them up as trackers – now if you want to save time down the road – you can add them all in there and then go and set up a rotator.

161777811584436570_IxPBd3u7_bFor this example, I will use Zaney Clicks as there are soooooooo many to promote – I simply set up zcsplash1, zcsplash2.  Believe me I started out that way and now I get a little more descriptive in my names zccatsrule, zcspring, zcwaitingcats – well you get the idea.

After you add your trackers, then you go and set up your Zaney Rotator and then you add five of them in that rotator – then take that rotator URL and put it all over.  That’s right this is a great way to save credits – as the 5 trackers that you have added will rotate each time your rotator is shown – pretty cool huh

Now here is the best part, test these and if you are not getting referrals, then go in and pick a couple more to change out.  This is where you learn to work smarter and not harder – because you have your rotator URL all over – you just go back to Zaney Clicks and take out a few and then add a few more and test them.

You know how much time you just saved yourself because you didn’t have to chase all over and change the URL – you make your changes and they are changing where ever you had that rotator URL

cat14That is how you save time and credits – because now instead of trying to assign credits to 5 of your favorite URL’s you only have to assign them to ONE URL .  Now I know you are thinking wow I could do that with 5 favorite sites, my 5 money makers, or my 5 sites that get me referrals – easy peasy huh???????

I don’t know about you but do you ever get to the point that you get CRS and you can’t remember where you even have your links – well I admit that I suffer from that occasionally – well until I started using the free tracker and rotator services that many sites offer – when you look at your stats – you will see exactly where everything is showing and how many times.

So the next time that you just can decide and want to say Help Me I can’t decide – try this and as always would love to hear how this works for you – I know it’s been a true blessing for me now that I have gone back to work.

shhhhhkittyTIP:  Some sites have a splash page rotator and that is even a gold mine – put that in YOUR rotator and that site is covered – then just find 4 more that offer that shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone that I let that slip out

Taking the Guess Out of it with Trackers and Rotators

questions2It’s interesting how much I hear about I don’t know what site works, I don’t know where I even have my site anymore, I don’t know if it is even being seen, and the list goes on and on.  Well hopefully after this post, you can be taking the guess out of it with trackers and rotators.

Here is what I have been busy doing and this can work for both (other site owners and surfers) as it’s set up the same.  As you are aware, many of the LFMTE script have a rotator mod and recently there was an upgrade and tracking was added.  If you are not taking advantage of this – YOU ARE MISSING A BIG PIECE OF YOUR PUZZLE

Let me explain, with so many sites out there – do you really know where you are getting the best bang for your credits – do you know which sites your pages are being shown and how many times a day someone sees them, how many unique hits you are getting etc.

You are going to LOVE what I am about to tell you now.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THOSE ROTATORS.  For this post, I’m going to use Zaney (hehe) as an example – when you go to the affiliate toolbox there are many, many splash pages to choose from.

So here is what you do you click on the tab that says Rotators – then click on Trackers – this is were you will have a little work – you want to copy EVERYONE of those splash page URL’s and paste them in as a tracker.  Now I have noticed that sometimes you will get that That tracker name is already taken – don’t get alarmed as what happened is that maybe someone else already used zaneyclicks as their name – so what do you do – you get creative – and make up something unique to YOU i.e. nancyzc41 – now that tells me that is splash page 41 and you can see that in the URL.

Ok now after you have ALL the Zaney Clicks splash pages in as trackers – then what you do is click on rotators on that same page.  Once more you will want to name your rotator and I just named mine ZCRotator and this is what your URL will look like but wait you are not done yet and this is where I see many of you (me included in the beginning) stop and then put the rotator URL out there and wonder why it’s not showing anything but the header.

Well what you have to do now is scroll down and click on the button that says add/edit sites and then you will see all those tracker links that you made earlier – wooooohoooothen all you have to do is put a check mark in those boxes and scroll to the bottom and click update rotator and then you will see all your tracker links appear below – now you can put the URL out there and then start your testing.

Now here is the BEST part – you will need less credits to show this one URL vs 15 of them that you can decide which one to choose.  You also can go back and click on rotators and then rotators again and see your stats  – there are ways to fine tune this even more so that you know your conversions but will save that for another blog post as I see I’m up to 561 words – so guess I’d better close this one.

And the answer to your question is it worth the time to do all this – the answer is YES, YES, YES.  You are going to be surprised at your results I know I sure was.  So this is one way of taking the guess out of it with trackers and rotators.