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It’s funny how conversations in Skype rooms can give you a topic for a blog post and this one is going to surprise you on how to get traffic to your blog.

I was just in a Skype room and the conversation was that one site owner was not allowing blogs in their site.  So it was asked why as a blogger I like to get people to my blogs to help people from not going through some of the things that I have learned the hard way.

The conversation went to that the reason they didn’t was because people were just adding their main page and to me I agree that is just as bad as adding the home page or main page of a TE (traffic exchange) and wonder why you are not getting any referrals.

The one thing that came out of this conversation was think of advertising in TE’s as a billboard along a highway.  That ad on the billboard has to grab your attention going down the road at 65 mph.  Online advertising is no different – you members are surfing at 6, 8 and 10 second timers – you have that time frame to grab their attention.

Sourch: inboxity

Source: inboxity

HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  You have to get creative as an advertiser and put out splash pages or squeeze pages that are going to give them a REASON to click.  Just like the billboards along the highways – give the driver a reason to take the next exit and visit their store.

I recently did a blog post on What Happened to Creativity?  When is the last time you looked at ads in a magazine, newspaper, or even google ad examples?  Study those ads and notice how they are set up and that there are only key points there so that you will go to the store, go to their website, etc.

Bottom line is if you are trying to get traffic to your blog then you need to give me a reason to click and go to your blog – put on your creativity hat and can’t wait to see your ads that you create.   Below is one example of how you can get people to your blog.

Why You Should Leave Comments on Blog Posts

It’s interesting years ago when I started blogging cause I had no clue what I was doing and do not consider myself a writer but I was told to write as if I was talking to someone as that is really what you are doing.  Now let me tell you why you should leave comments on blog posts.

After visiting to lot of blogs and reading the content, I was always too shy to leave a comment – I thought people would think that I was stupid (which they probably do anyway, so who cares), I really didn’t know what to put as I was learning and the list of excuses goes on and on yea I had them all believe me.

I’ll go back and address the feeling stupid part – as that one is a hard one to get over but I was told by a mentor once and that has stuck with me “there is no stupid comment or question”.  If you have the question in your head and are thinking it then there is probably someone else thinking it too.  Don’t believe me type into Google Search your question or comment – you will be mighty surprised what comes up.

Now the best part about leaving a comment is the branding that you are doing and most don’t even realize that you are.  Just like anything else you do here online – you need to keep you, your services, your products in people’s face and this is great way to do this.

So you are thinking that I don’t know that much – I’m just learning well guess what you know more than the person that is joining right now or even in a month.  And yes people find these post months later and read them – in fact I have even gotten referrals from post that have been year or two old.  What better way to show others that you are out there and as far as learning – I’m still learning daily and another thing that I so enjoy about working online.

AND what a great way to learn about others that already like the same things that you do – think about your blog as a neighborhood get together – the author has invited you and others – you all are a bunch of strangers till you start yaking with each other and find out that you have things in common.

Well this is all that you are doing when leaving comments on people blogs, you are yaking with people that you have things in common with – so don’t be shy – get out there and start yaking.

You could be missing out on opportunities and not even know it – sometimes you meet your best friends, clients, paying customers in the strangest places – stop peaking over the fence – get out there and comment on blog post and unlock even the key to YOUR success

Branding – have you learned it yet?

One of the first things that I heard when I started working online that you have to learn to brand yourself, your product, your site etc.  Well I can remember telling the person that told me that they were crazy as how do you learn to brand online.  Branding – have you learned it yet?

Years ago – you could tell alot from a person’s attire, the way they managed themselves when you met them and even sealed deals with handshakes.  Well that isn’t so easy to do online as you can’t always see the person you are dealing with and you really have to careful as everyone has their own story to tell.

Years ago, I was told by a mentor of mine, if you meet someone online before you do any kind of work with that person – go to Google and put in their name.  If this person is let’s say walking the walk and not just talking the talk – you will find out, you will find what that person has been doing, you will learn the good, bad and ugly about that person.

Does that mean that if you do find something bad or ugly – run in the other direction – NO – I have found over the years for SEO purposes many people like to use some of the  keywords for what they are writing at the time and may add scam etc. to the title just to get attention.  Be sure you read ALL and not just the headlines about the person that you are looking up.

Now if that person has done their homework and like my friend told me have branded themselves – they you will be able to see it when you Google them.  Another thing that I like to do is visit social sites also and put in their name, read their profiles and one of the best places that I have found for other business people is APSense.  A friend of mine also wrote a great article on how to brand yourself there – Click Here To Read

Ok I know what you shy people are thinking, I really don’t want to put myself out there it makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like talking about myself.  In the TE Land there are many other ways that people are branding themselves – when talking to other listen to how some sites are being branded – here are some examples.

How about a dog named Fred at ClickFred Traffic
Every time you see a Frog now – dont you think about Froggy Hits
Horror Films makes you think of Horror Movie Hits
Mention Cows and who do you think of Mo’s cows at Holy Cow
And we all know about “Flash” at Hot Flash Hits
Can’t forget the one and only Krazy Kaye over at Krazy Exchange
What site has taught us about Marijuana and Kudos to Jon on a great job at Marijuana Hits
How about Teacup Puppies – didn’t even know they existed Teacup Puppy Traffic
Last but not least – the kid on the block – Yuppie over at Yuppie Hits

Saving the best (JMO) example of branding ……….If you have not heard about IT, seen IT, grabbed IT, and even joined IT – well I just don’t know where you have been because I think James has done an excellent job (don’t tell him as IT will go to his head) in branding his site Internet Traffic (IT) 24/7

Social Manual Traffic ExchangeIT is a new Traffic Exchange world.Just Get IT

One more before you go – want to make sure you get it – here is his latest Video

So Branding – have you learned it yet??  I hope by the examples in this post that you will get out there and start branding you, yourself, you logo – YOU need to make your presence known – have fun.