Are You A Purple Cow?

No I have not lost my mind – that is what I thought when I first heard the term Purple Cow.  But I just wanted you to think about it – Are You A Purple Cow?

purplecow2What is a Purple Cow?  The purple cow is remarkable. It sticks out like a sore thumb among the other cows, it draws attention, and it’s memorable.  If you have not read this book yet – then check it out here Purple Cow by Seth Godin

The reason for the post is for the affiliates that are using the same splash pages that 90% of the other members are using.  This is like playing the lottery to me – people surf and see the pages over and over and because it’s in their face they may gradually click on it and your page just might be the one that they clicked on and you got a referral,

Now if you were a Purple Cow – your page would be remarkable – it would make those people surfing stop and look.  The Purple Cows in the world know the secret of getting more sales and more referrals.

purplecowSo before you put in your same ole same ole affiliate page – think outside the box and create your own.  Oh I hear you as you don’t think that you are a designer, you don’t know how – well I didn’t either and still am not a designer by all means – but I do like something different.

Where can you make your own free pages on sites like Easy Hits 4 You and Click Voyager.  If you are looking for the site that offers lot of templates for your designing skills, then I would recommend AdKreator.  As a free member, you can create one and they will host – if you want to make more than one you will need to upgrade.

So in closing, I would like you to think about your advertising and ask yourself are you a Purple Cow.  If you aren’t getting the results that you are looking for – try some remarkable – stick out from the rest.




Why Zaney Clicks Uses Mixed Character Codes

It’s funny when I get asked these questions and I chuckle to myself – the first thought that pops in my head is because it is me just being Zaney hehehehe

password2But there is a reason why Zaney Clicks uses mixed character codes.  For all of you that don’t know or don’t like to copy and paste them in for a code – let me tell you the rest of the story and my thinking.

Zaney Clicks is not just a traffic exchange and if you have read other post about the site then you will know that Zaney Clicks is a teaching site.  In my own Zaney way there are things that you are learning and most of the time don’t even realize it but by routinely seeing and doing things YOU LEARN

What are you learning by seeing and using mixed character codes – you are learning that it is easy to use them, you are learning the crazy combos that can be used, you are learning to use some characters on your keyboard that you forget is there.

password3Now why in the world would I want you to learn to see, learn, and use these mixed character codes.  It’s to get comfortable with them enough that you will NOT be so scared to make them up and use them as passwords like I was when I first started.

When I first started online, I wanted something that was easy to remember and so I used something that I was going to remember for me and it was just 7 character word.  Then I learned how easy it was for hackers to crack passwords.

So then I started using letters and numbers and you guess it – there is actually Cracking Password Hacker Tools – I know crazy huh?  So now you know why Zaney Clicks uses mixed character codes.  If you want to read more about this then go read about it here Password Cracking

So the next time that you use one of Zaney Clicks mixed character codes – you know the rest of the story.  Yea I know what is going thru your head how do I keep track of all these mixed character passwords – well I use RoboForm

RoboForm: Learn more...

Prizes in Traffic Exchanges

Well this is going to be a little rant as I think lot of people have lost the “why” you join traffic exchanges.  Traffic exchanges are simple – you look at my site and I will look at your site – they are an advertising platform.  The prizes in traffic exchanges are being offered as an incentive and thank you for visiting a site and looking at the ads that are being shown.

prizes2Some traffic exchanges offer daily and weekly prizes in their sites again as in incentive and thank you for coming to their business to view other members ads.  NOW the rant sometime things happen – prize pages conflict, codes are typed wrong, the server didn’t reset and the list goes on and on and I know all of you know what I’m talking about.

Well when this happens for one it means that the people behind the scene are human and we make mistakes – it does not mean that we are trying to cheat you out of your “prize”.  What gets me the most when people think this – to me as an owner this is like a slap in the face.  These are not just prizes that come with our business, they are prizes that site owners have to BUY that we give to you as prizes.questions3

If you are surfing a traffic exchange just for the prize incentives then maybe you should reevaluate your “why” did I join this site.  If you spent more time sharing the site you are in instead of focusing so much on the prize incentives that they offer you would be making lot more money.

Example you join a health club and you are loving the results you are getting and that club offers prize incentives for referring a friend.  As a prize incentive they may offer you 15 minutes in hot tub, discount on massage, etc.  Now where are YOU going to benefit the most – yes buy telling your friends and explaining the benefits.  The same works in traffic exchanges.  While the 15 minutes in the hot tub may feel awesome after a long day – wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend to share that with.

So for all that is reading this I ask you to go back and think about your “why” did you join the site or sites that you are member of.  AND the next time that the prize incentive was not there right away – remember “why” those prize incentives are there also.

Learn to be patient in this instant world that we live in as there are still humans behind the scene and have feelings still.  Everyone leaving me a comment, I will give you 1000 Zubees as a thank you for taking the time to read and comment.




Legacy Result – Free Active Converting Traffic!

With all the new traffic exchanges that launch most of the time it’s the same ole same ole well I have to say this one really is different.  Legacy Result – Free Active Converting Traffic!   Now I don’t know about you but those are powerful words about a site – and for all of you that need to hear to believe – listen to the owner.

Ok you heard from the owner – let me tell you a few things that I am enjoying at the stie.  First is the option of the surf bar – when you get there try out the modern – now that sure gets the advertisers site in your face.

The second thing is the commissions – wowwww I took the yearly OTO and have made that money plus already and this site is only 10 days old as of this writing

Third is the banner exchange is awesome – I have Zaney Clicks added and it’s getting seen all over with this banner exchange.  On the site it shows you how many hits you are getting – and for all you doubtful people – banners do work.

Fourth is the Paid to Promote – yep you heard right – there are 7 sites that if you put your paid to promote url in those sites – you will get paid.  How cool is that

Fifth is the Legacy Command Center – and this is a life saver for me as all I have to do is login here and know in a glance everything on the other sites – my credit assigned and unassigned, sites/banner/text in rotation, how much cash I have in each site and yes you guessed it I can login to all the sites from this ONE site.

Now I could go on and on as this program is just packed full of benefits and Marcus was right with describing Legacy Result – Free Active Converting Traffic!
Trust me you will be glad that you jump in on this one – click the image and will see you there.  Remember if you have any questions or need help just skype me @ nancyradlinger.

Click Track Profit Bigfoot Badge Hunt

Well the big day is June 1 for the Click Track Profit Bigfoot Badge Hunt to start and if you are not part of Click Track Profit you are missing out on some great traffic.

How it works: The top 25 members that claim the most badge hunt badges each get $15!  The member that claims the most badges gets $125!
On top of that Every badge claim gives you a Team Point you can save and use in our next Season Competition!

Now all you have to do is click the image above and then you will see all the Bigfoot Badges that area available and you area wondering how you collect them.  All you have to do is click on the Bigfoot and there will be instructions on what you need to do to get the badge.

This is a fun event and there is lot of traffic to the sites that are in this event – so if you are members of these sites – make sure that you have your sites loaded up with credits.

Zaney Clicks is in this event so letting everyone a day ahead to get your credits assigned, get your banners and text ads in there  also as this is a 20 day event.


Let’s go grab some badges

What gets you motivated?

70368812898529689_NFxvEVTK_bYou can ask that question to alot of people and probably will get so many different answers but let me tell you what I tell people when I’m asked What gets you motivated

Most of you know that I’m retired now and thus back online full time and yes I did get back in my old habits of being a nite owl – and love it, love it, love it.  See I work all nite while most are sleeping and then go to bed and watch what happens when I get up.

On a typical day I usually get up from anywhere between noon and 2 PM and this has been working for me, I first do my skype messages, the support tickets, emails and then before I start my day of activities – I have found a Blab session that I am just loving.

For all of you that have not heard of Blab – this is a video chat where you can listen to the speaker live and comment in the chat – kinda like spreecast.  Anyway Jon Olson does a live show Monday – Friday at 4 EST.  This is the kickass that I need each day as he keeps it short, to the point but wowwwwwwww the info that you get is just awesome.

Now don’t whine yet as if that time don’t work for you – it’s recorded and you can watch it at your convenience.    I want to just add a few of the latest ones that I have just loved and hope that you will stop by sometimes.

AND by taking action afterwards instead of making excuses, I can get up the next day and go wowwwwwww that is just awesome – in skype I hear about maybe the first sale a member got, someone else got 5 referrals and never got that many in one day and the list goes on and on – that is what gets me motivated.

changeIt’s not easy to putting in all the hours it takes sometimes or to keep pushing when you are not seeing the results that you are wanting yet.  Well I look at it this way imagine that you have a jar that you save your change in – and each day you add to that jar.  If you keep adding everyday to that jar – all of a sudden that jar gets full.

Here is some of the latest videos that I have enjoyed – click any of the links below

3 Steps For Massive Growth of Your List
Your Vision! Your Goals!
The Race To Remarkable
Branding, Building & Everything In Between



Hide and Seek TE Style

Well I’m sure as a kid everyone remembers how you use to play hide and seek well I thought it would be fun to bring that to TEland and so on Wednesdays at Zaney Clicks we enjoy playing Hide and Seek TE Style.

For all that have never played – what happens is that I have a page that I have made and this is what it looks like this hideandseek2and all you have to do is surf and find the page take the word highlighted in yellow and add it as a promo code for an extra bonus.

Everyone that adds this new word will be in drawing for $1.00 – it’s just that simple BUT here is the best part you learned a new word that has been put in the dictionary – how cool is that.  I have so enjoyed this promo even for myself as I learn new words and somewhat keep up with the new lingo that is going on these days.

AND as you can see I also add the definition for your each week so that you can go out and impress your friends maybe even by just tell them how fantasmarific they are.

So when you are bored just clicking – come on over to Zaney Clicks every Wednesday for our version of Hide and Seek TE Style

Saturday Nite at the Movies

saturdayAfter the last post, I decided to start a series about one of my sites as I know you have seen all over Why Zaney Clicks.  One of the features that I have add as a weekly event on the site is Saturday Nite at the Movies.

The reason that these daily event started was that a few years back I realized that doing so many promos with other sites that I just couldn’t keep up with them anymore – another lesson learned – the word NO

That one is a hard one when you have your own business and you like helping others so when another owner approaches you and wants to do a promo you add them on and what happened is that there were so many that Zaney was doing 4 and 5 a day – not healthy for the site and NOT healthy for the owner lolololol

So couple years ago, I thought enough was enough that I just couldn’t keep up with them all anymore and if I couldn’t how could I expect members to – so I canceled them and decided then to start a series of events for the members instead.

saturday3AND Saturday Nite at the movies came about as I love watching movies and people love trivia so putting the two together was a win win and it actually has worked out really great.

This is how it works each week I pick a movie and in the daily mail I add a new clue each day – there are 6 clues so that by Saturday the members can guess the movie by adding the title in  as a promo and earn a bonus.

Now here is the rest of the story on this event, I also remember years ago when I first started online that I was scared to death to get out of my comfort zone on this computer and even Google Search scared the crap out of me until I started using it.

googlesearch2Well this was my Zaney way of getting people to learn to use Google Search and is it working – yes as I hear from members that they are using Google Search more than they ever had and are loving this event.

So now you know the rest of the story on Saturday Nite at the Movies – in future posts I will let you know the rest of the story on the other events at Zaney Clicks.  If you are a new member or have wanted to test out a new traffic exchange – come try out our weekly events and find out that surfing can be fun, entertaining and rewarding.

Reasons to Own and Operate Your Own Business

Years ago when my ex and I first got married we both lost our jobs and our of necessity started our own business.  Since the divorce, I have continued to have my own business and going to share reasons to own and operate your own business.

09pEvYqoSFreedom would be my first reason as being owner and operator you get to be that boss (the person everyone hates).  You get to wear many, many hats and if like me learned a lot the hard way but I would not change a thing.  You do have to find the balance in work/life and that can be hard sometimes when you are trying to build your business.

As I have gotten older, I have narrowed down my business plan to working with my traffic exchanges, mailers and doing affiliate marketing.  It’s funny how in this online world there are still people that think they know how you should run your business and like to make it public or let you know you are doing this wrong and that wrong.

Another reason that I enjoy having my own business, what most don’t realize is that this is “MY” business to run as I see fit – that is what I love about this country that gives us this privilege.  There are going to be times that people don’t agree with how I run things but it is still me that pays the bills, put in the hours, and does all the work behind the scenes and bend over backwards to make you all happy.

judgingcatWhen others like to give their opinions that is just what it is their opinion and should not be put out there as guidelines or “rules” as to how the business is run because they are not a partner nor do they pay any of the bills that go along with your business.

That is another reason that I love having and running my own business – I am proud of my online business, I work very hard in my online business and believe that I offer great services.  Over the years, I have developed many, many friends and customers and I do bend over backwards to help them and would not trade that for anything.

You know it’s funny as the more competition happens in all business these days it sure seems the more some like to try and dictate how things should be.  Having been around the small ma and pa businesses for over 30 years now, I have learned that you just can’t beat old-fashion service. You have to learn to keep your emotions under control no matter how pissed you get, how over the coals someone want to rake you, and think about what is best for the business. You are NEVER  going to make everyone happy, your are NEVER going to have everyone agree with decisions you make – but you do have that right to make them.

Does it get hard at times yes it does but I sure would not trade it as the rewards out weigh the bad – the satisfaction you get from helping others, the pride you get from seeing what you created work and people that love your business.  One of the best thank yous that a business owner can get is seeing someone else promote them and for all the pages that I have seen – I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

best2And the most important reason would be YOU, I really do appreciate all of you putting up with me as I know I come up with some pretty Zaney ideas sometimes and I do love the feedback – good or bad – we keep growing the business together.  AND as always you can Skype me @ nancyradlinger leave me a message in support – I do answer all my messages.

Why You Should Leave Comments on Blog Posts

It’s interesting years ago when I started blogging cause I had no clue what I was doing and do not consider myself a writer but I was told to write as if I was talking to someone as that is really what you are doing.  Now let me tell you why you should leave comments on blog posts.

After visiting to lot of blogs and reading the content, I was always too shy to leave a comment – I thought people would think that I was stupid (which they probably do anyway, so who cares), I really didn’t know what to put as I was learning and the list of excuses goes on and on yea I had them all believe me.

I’ll go back and address the feeling stupid part – as that one is a hard one to get over but I was told by a mentor once and that has stuck with me “there is no stupid comment or question”.  If you have the question in your head and are thinking it then there is probably someone else thinking it too.  Don’t believe me type into Google Search your question or comment – you will be mighty surprised what comes up.

Now the best part about leaving a comment is the branding that you are doing and most don’t even realize that you are.  Just like anything else you do here online – you need to keep you, your services, your products in people’s face and this is great way to do this.

So you are thinking that I don’t know that much – I’m just learning well guess what you know more than the person that is joining right now or even in a month.  And yes people find these post months later and read them – in fact I have even gotten referrals from post that have been year or two old.  What better way to show others that you are out there and as far as learning – I’m still learning daily and another thing that I so enjoy about working online.

AND what a great way to learn about others that already like the same things that you do – think about your blog as a neighborhood get together – the author has invited you and others – you all are a bunch of strangers till you start yaking with each other and find out that you have things in common.

Well this is all that you are doing when leaving comments on people blogs, you are yaking with people that you have things in common with – so don’t be shy – get out there and start yaking.

You could be missing out on opportunities and not even know it – sometimes you meet your best friends, clients, paying customers in the strangest places – stop peaking over the fence – get out there and comment on blog post and unlock even the key to YOUR success