Traffic Pods – Free Advertising

Everyone has been asking in the chats what are Traffic Pods as they have been seeing them on a number of the sites and not really sure what they are or what you do with them.

Each site may rebrand them and they might go by other names depending on the site and what the owners are naming them – I will give you some examples later on – first I want to tell you that you are missing out on some great FREE advertising in all the sites that have this mod.

To get started login to one of your favorite sites and see if they have this mod. You may have to hunt around on some of the sites but what you are looking for is My Social Profile and it’s going to look something like these examples of mine

Hungry For Hits

Tezzers Social Profile

Orbital Traffic

LFM Social

The Food Game

After you have logged into the site – click on My Social Profile and if offered pick a background for your pod/blog, then you can put in your info. I am just amazed at how many I see when surfing and there is nothing but the person name and picture – nothing else has been added.

This is a great way to meet other people that you have things in common with – ONE you both are advertising on a Traffic Exchange (TE) and you both are wanting others to see what you are promoting – so I am hoping after this blog post that I start seeing lot more people filling in their Traffic Pods in their Social Profile.

AND for some of you that don’t know what to write and just want to add a banner of one of your sites that you promote which in my opinion is better than leaving things blank – here is the code that I use to add that banner to my post

<a href="" target="_blank&quot;" rel="noopener"><img src="" width="400" border="0"></a>

Now get out there and lets see some post – you don’t have any excuses anymore – if you have any questions or comments – just leave them below and will answer each and every one – enjoy

P.S. Bloggers – did you see how I used this to lead you back to my blog – hint, hint

Prepare for the unexpected

This last 6 months have been a challenge for me – as most of you know I have had some health issues – so thought I would share with you one of the things that I have done to prepare for the unexpected.

Sometimes life just happens and you have to learn to go with the flow! That is what happened to me and yet it is still my responsibility to keep Zaney Clicks out there as the owner.  So many times people ask me how do I keep up – well I feel that I’m so behind but wanted to let you know the #1 thing that has helped me prepare for the unexpected.

As most of you know I am a member of MANY traffic exchanges and here is my secret to prepare for the unexpected.  The site that I’m talking about is TE Commando Post and yes I took the time to add the TE’s that I’m a members of in and now with ONE CLICK I know exactly where I need to add credits.

If you all missed my last post on TECP below is the title and clickable link … I think that this is one of the most important sites to help YOU prepare for the unexpected.

How to Stay Organized With Your Traffic Exchanges

With all the bad weather that has been happening around the country, this is a must for anyone who wants to help keep their sites or advertising showing when the unexpected happens.

I hope that this helps… it’s been a life saver for me… Remember unexpected things do happen and you need to be prepared for them, in advance!

Are Traffic Exchanges Dead?

There has sure been alot of rumors around TEland and the buzzing in the Skype Group Rooms and have everyone asking are traffic exchanges dead – well here is my opinion.

No I don’t feel that traffic exchanges are dead but I do believe that the structure of TEs will need to be changed.  So in the next months you WILL be seeing changes in TEland.

The first change that you are seeing TE’s are changing the payment processors from Paypal to Payza.  There are many reasons why but the bottom line is that Paypal right now does not want to have anything to do with traffic exchanges.

The other change that you also will be seeing is that subscriptions are being canceled that you had set up and that is another thing that Paypal is limiting accounts – both site owners and members if they pay a subscription to a traffic exchange – so the plan B right now is Payza.

Another change that you are seeing is that sites are slow in adding Payza as a payment processor and this is NOT the site owners fault as with Paypal kicking TE’s out right now – Payza got overloaded with requests.  Sites have to fill out an application about their site and then Payza goes over the application and approves your site.  It use to take 2 days to get approved and now it’s taking up to 2 weeks is what some owners have been seeing.

So wanted to get this out to everyone just to let you know that traffic exchanges as your know it will have to change.  I know lot of you do NOT like change but to keep this industry moving forward – it is necessary.

In the future, you will be getting updates on this blog as changes are made and I will have to tell you the first change that was made on Zaney was the surf button was changed to view ads.  What I found funny about this simple change was the support tickets that I got wanting to know how can I surf the sites the surf button is gone.

This is just one example of the type of changes that you are going to be seen – my answer back to these support tickets was giving them the definition of a traffic exchange and that is I view your ad in exchange for you viewing mine.

Stay tuned as I will be letting you know of changes as they happen – remember change is NOT a bad thing – even tho we don’t like it – sometimes change is for the better.


Hide and Seek TE Style

Well I’m sure as a kid everyone remembers how you use to play hide and seek well I thought it would be fun to bring that to TEland and so on Wednesdays at Zaney Clicks we enjoy playing Hide and Seek TE Style.

For all that have never played – what happens is that I have a page that I have made and this is what it looks like this hideandseek2and all you have to do is surf and find the page take the word highlighted in yellow and add it as a promo code for an extra bonus.

Everyone that adds this new word will be in drawing for $1.00 – it’s just that simple BUT here is the best part you learned a new word that has been put in the dictionary – how cool is that.  I have so enjoyed this promo even for myself as I learn new words and somewhat keep up with the new lingo that is going on these days.

AND as you can see I also add the definition for your each week so that you can go out and impress your friends maybe even by just tell them how fantasmarific they are.

So when you are bored just clicking – come on over to Zaney Clicks every Wednesday for our version of Hide and Seek TE Style

Bullies in TE Land

judgingcatIt’s interesting as you keep quiet and just watch rooms and other site owners at how much you can learn just by listening.  And from what I can see, hear and read there seems to be a group of bullies in TE land.

I don’t know about you but I was always taught ye without sin cast the first stone and I really don’t know what give some owners and admins the right to think that they know everything there is to know and that their way it the “only” way.

Personally, I would like to pat everyone on the back that is trying to learn and earn online whether it’s by surfing or by being a site owner.  With all the TE’s out there – yes we do compete with each other but does that give a certain few to get in a public room and put others down.

Again, I was taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say – then don’t say anything.AND then you wonder why there is so much negativity in the TE World – why so many say TE’s don’t work – maybe the next time you are pointing your finger at someone you should be reminded of the ones that pointing back at yourself.

Also, while I’m a little rant here getting things off my chest, another thing I was taught was you should never speak badly about anyone until you have walked in their shoes.  What happened in this world to helping others, being there for someone if they need help and turning the other cheek when needed.

It just seems that some like to forget how it was when they started and all the mistakes that they made but I don’t recall a group of bullies talking about it in a public room.  Back years ago, you went to that person in private and aired out your differences.

Call me old fashion, old school or just plain old but I am also one that believes what goes around comes around – so people should watch what they say, how they treat people and don’t always think that your way is the right way.

You will see many successful owners that would never do that in public and I would like to pat them on the back – there is a time and place for everything you do and talking about others in a public room is NOT the time and place – JMO

So for all the bullies in TE Land, I hope that you start thinking twice before you know everything about everything.  AND I would like to applaud all the owners and surfers that don’t pay them any mind and do it “YOUR WAY”  Kudos for you, you hold your head high keep on doing it and I will end with a song from the “King”

Spamming for Referrals

spammingWell most of you know me and that I am a traffic exchange owner but also a mega surfer and I can only go for so long on things that I see is wrong and have to bring attention to what I see happening and thus this post Spamming for Referrals.

Is this post going to be well liked – probably not –  as this is  going to really piss some people off. The first situation that I want to bring out in the open is what I see happening in public CHAT Rooms.  Because I surf so much, I lurk in alot of rooms and it’s amazing how much wheeling and dealing I see going on.  EVERY DAY I watch people swapping links in the chat rooms and it’s I will join any site you want if you join my site so that they can get a referral.

Now I understand that getting referrals are important and pressure is put on lot of people trying to win a referral contest BUT just my opinion this is spamming.  You are adding a link to your profile page and swapping with someone else for their link.  I maybe old school but I feel that the people that are doing this is devaluing the traffic exchange industry.

The idea behind traffic exchanges is that you add your site, surf and view others site in exchange for them viewing yours.  When you are swapping links in public chat rooms you are not setting a good example at all – you are only teaching others to spam.  My personal opinion is that you are putting the message out that traffic exchanges don’t work and you have to resort to this method of getting referrals.  If I am thinking this all wrong, please someone tell me your logic.

One more thing to say on this one is let me ask you a question – if you are getting referrals by spamming in chat rooms – what type of referral are they – to me they are just a number and I don’t know about you but I want more than just a number – I want someone that will be ACTIVE and not just a number.  I want someone that wants to learn, wants to be an active surfer and get results, wants to give the traffic exchange an chance to prove that they work.

Ok while I’m on a roll here – let me touch on SKYPE and I know that I am going to step on lot of toes here but I have bitten my tongue long enough and just need to get this out.  When you add someone to your Skype it should be so that you can get to know the people and build relationships – I’m not saying that once in awhile you can share links BUT how about a Good Morning – how you doing?  I see that you love cats by your site –  let me share a cat story with you,  check out my profile find out what I like.

When you send me this solo ad, that should be put in a mailer or text ad site,  to me that is spamming for referrals.  When you send me a link of a new program that just launched this is spamming for referrals.  I will tolerate that for a few times BUT if that is all that you keep doing you are coming off my contact list.  Either you want to know who I am and work with me OR you just want me on your list just to spam me for referrals.

spamming3So, I just want all of you to know and putting it out here for everyone to see – I will not swap links with you in chat, I will not sign up if you send me a link in Skype.  If you want me to join your program or site then add it to Zaney Clicks. I join new sites all the time BUT I join them from members that are getting referrals the way traffic exchanges are meant to work – adding their site, adding credits and letting me view them inside the traffic exchange..

It’s just that simple everyone – and unless you are willing to do it this way – then don’t you spread rumors that traffic exchanges don’t work because I know they do.  Thanks for listening and will love to hear your opinion now that you have listened to mine.

3000 Member Celebration Winners

excitedcatsI would like to thank everyone that got involved in helping Zaney Clicks celebrate reaching this big milestone.  We had a 3000 Member Celebration for the whole month of March andwow it was crazy and so much fun.

For the celebration, I had made a splash page and thru out the month I gave everyone that I caught promoting that page $1.00 to their account.  We sure had lot of winners – was very impressive actually.

Then being that Easter was this month, I also created a page with a Golden Egg and had member add their user names  as they found the pages in rotation and the member that reported the most for that day got $1.00 added to their accounts.

From all those winners – we picked the Grand Prize Winners and tonight I sent them out in the email.  My b/f is home and he’s my lololol – I asked him to pick 3 numbers from 1 – 31 and here are his picks. So drum roll – the winners are……………..

3000 Minutes – 2 days Start Page  #30 Member 62793 Joel Rama
(send me the url that you would like to add as your start pages)
3000 Hours – 4 months Zaney Pro Upgrade  #10  Member 62781 Delyu Delev
3000 Pennies – $30.00 in their Paypal account #20 Member  62849 micaela crisma
****** YEAH – Nancy’s Treasures, you have sent $30.00 USD to Micaela Crisma.

So everyone it was fun and we are on our way to the next BIG celebration as I am so proud of all of you – we are at 3468 – so give yourself a big clap on the back as YOU deserve it.  Thanks everyone you are just awesome and WHY I LOVE what I do.

Applauding the Traffic Exchange Industry

It’s really funny how a conversation between two site owners can snowball into something that I have never seen in the Traffic Exchange Industry.  So I thought I’d share the story here and let the world know how proud I am to be a part of TEland and am applauding the Traffic Exchange Industry.

This all started out because I bid at a benefit auction last Saturday (Babblewhack-a-Thon) and what the bid was for is an upgrade at one of the Traffic Exchanges.  Well the owner, Bartender Mo, contacted me and wanted to know what I wanted to do with the upgrade as I was already upgraded at her site – so my comment back was give it to someone – it’s all in the spirit of Christmas.

Well that got our heads going and thought wouldn’t it be nice if other TE’s would do that for the Holidays and what a great way to give back to the members.   So after some discussing we decided to ask some of the sites owners that we knew to see their reaction.

What a reaction we got – you’ve got to keep in mind that this time of the year there are so many Holiday promos going on and all a site owner wants to hear is another promo and more behind the scene work BUT that was not the reaction at all – the reaction was yes that sounds like fun, oh would love to do that, yes count us in, just let us know the details and the list went on and on.

We had tried to come up with the easiest way for everyone – owners and surfers.  All you have to do is pick your favorite site, surf till you find a special page that will be inserted in the site and depending on the script – you report it, send in a code etc.  There is no certain amount to surf, no certain sites to surf, no certain days to surf – just a list of site owners that are giving away an upgrade – you just visit the site, surf till you find the page and then move on to your next one.

The other thing we did to help reward our members is that we are using the main site url and when people join a site that they are not a member of – some lucky member of that site will get a random referral – isn’t this all so exciting?

It’s just been amazing as Mo and I would have been happy with 10 – 20 sites but as of today we have over 100 sites and still adding to the list of sites participating!.  We talked about the cut off time and guess we will keep adding till December 16th.  Here is the reason why – we did add a timeframe on our promo page – you can visit that page here.  All I Want For Christmas Is A Free Upgrade

Yes there is a story to that theme also Mo had heard that song All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth and for anyone that has not heard this song – I decided to add it here for you as this little one is just precious.


So I guess the moral of this story is to NOT get two site owners together and have them brainstorming as you never know what you might wind up with.  Once again, I would like to Thank all the Traffic Exchanges (TE’s) for this event and am applauding the Traffic Exchange Industry – you have made this site owner very, very proud.

P.S.  Question had come up what if a member is already upgraded – well that member can give it away if they want – keeping the spirit of Christmas going