Best Kept Secret in TEland

It’s funny how things come about when you are surfing a promo and seeing a page gives you an idea for a long over due blog post.  It’s the best kept secret in TEland.

Most of you that surf know about the daily top award certificates from Cooperative Marketing Group that people collect each day for a chance of a grand prize each week.  Well here is what you didn’t know – there is a splash page maker on the site.

If you surf as much as I do most of the time you see the same ole same ole ads all the time BUT once in while a page comes along that catches your eye.  This is the one that caught mine today and thought I’d share – I really don’t know Lance Dressler and if anyone reading this does let them know he did awesome job on this page

Now this is just a image of the page but if you click on the image it will open to the page.

Over the years, I have had alot of people ask me where can I make my own pages and I have to say the Sales Pages Maker is a place you should check out.    You just login to Cooperative Marketing Group and go to Sales Page Maker – there are alot of templates to choose from and then you can let your creative juices flow.

Here are a few other pages to share with you – login and make yours and I will make you an offer you can’t refuse – send me your link to YOUR CREATION and I will give you free start page for the week at Zaney Clicks AND Hummingbird Hits – what a deal huh?  Click either of the images to see the full page – now show me YOURS













Keep Your Profile Updated

Today I have run into a few things and thought I would share with you and why you should keep your profile updated.

As a TE owner, there are times that extra prizes are given for different reasons at a site and I was working on awarding prizes today to find that alot of members profiles were not updated.

If you want to earn these extra prizes, you need to fill in your Zubee username, the CTP (Click Track Profit) username – you are missing out on your prize if they are not filled in.

The other thing that I also ran across today – you know how you get emails saying that you have commissions, referrals etc.  well if you have the box unclicked in your profile you will not get these notices.

Well I knew I had gotten quite a few from sites and thought I’d go and check out where I might be at payout.  Most of you know that I use TECP (TE Command Post) to check this and wow what a surprise.

When I logged into TECP, I could see that I was at payout at quite a few sites and from there I could click on the site to login and see what was wrong.  Yes I’m guilty sometimes of forgetting to put in my payment addy and I actually was surprised when I got to some sites.

Now I’m not sure when this happened but from what I hear there is a new plugin that some sites have added and this is another reason why you should keep your profile updated.

If you have not been to your profile lately, take the time to check them as I have also been told that if this is not filled in then – you may not get your commissions.


Click Track Profit Bigfoot Badge Hunt

Well the big day is June 1 for the Click Track Profit Bigfoot Badge Hunt to start and if you are not part of Click Track Profit you are missing out on some great traffic.

How it works: The top 25 members that claim the most badge hunt badges each get $15!  The member that claims the most badges gets $125!
On top of that Every badge claim gives you a Team Point you can save and use in our next Season Competition!

Now all you have to do is click the image above and then you will see all the Bigfoot Badges that area available and you area wondering how you collect them.  All you have to do is click on the Bigfoot and there will be instructions on what you need to do to get the badge.

This is a fun event and there is lot of traffic to the sites that are in this event – so if you are members of these sites – make sure that you have your sites loaded up with credits.

Zaney Clicks is in this event so letting everyone a day ahead to get your credits assigned, get your banners and text ads in there  also as this is a 20 day event.


Let’s go grab some badges

Patty and Nancy has gone Squirly

It’s interesting how life happens and thought it was time to let everyone know that don’t yet.  Patty and I have added another site to our Magical Jewels Internet Marketing Group and that site is Squirly Traffic.

Claude Tetreault has built up a great site with some wonderful members and also left Patty and I with some BIG shoes to fill.  We have been working hard behind the scene learning all that he has/had going on.

Just wanted to tell everyone the good news and to all the existing members we thank you for continuing to keep the site very, very active.  If you have not checked things out yet – we look forward to seeing you

Advertising with Traffic Exchanges

dragonsThere are so many that use traffic exchanges for their source of advertising for many reasons as TE’s are easy, TE’s are free join, TE’s gets you referrals, TE’s let you start earning an online income and TE’s work.

Advertising with Traffic Exchanges can be fun and entertaining at the same time and you have to come up with ways that well get you referrals.  Most people just use the same ole same ole main page link and a few people will use the sites many splash pages and even a few will create their own pages but today I ran across a blog of a surfer and member of Zaney Clicks and wanted to share.

Now keep in mind this member is justasurfer (his screen name) and I just love the way that he used a story to tell about his experience with traffic exchange.  This is, too me, a person that took action and came up a unique way to get his referrals links out there and believe me I know he is a MEGA surfer.

So I invite you to check out his blog Website Traffic Control Center  and read his story The Dragon Spoke to Me (A Magical Tale of Traffic Exchanges)  Hope that you enjoy this post as much as I did and Kudos to you Doug – Awesome