Branding – have you learned it yet?

One of the first things that I heard when I started working online that you have to learn to brand yourself, your product, your site etc.  Well I can remember telling the person that told me that they were crazy as how do you learn to brand online.  Branding – have you learned it yet?

Years ago – you could tell alot from a person’s attire, the way they managed themselves when you met them and even sealed deals with handshakes.  Well that isn’t so easy to do online as you can’t always see the person you are dealing with and you really have to careful as everyone has their own story to tell.

Years ago, I was told by a mentor of mine, if you meet someone online before you do any kind of work with that person – go to Google and put in their name.  If this person is let’s say walking the walk and not just talking the talk – you will find out, you will find what that person has been doing, you will learn the good, bad and ugly about that person.

Does that mean that if you do find something bad or ugly – run in the other direction – NO – I have found over the years for SEO purposes many people like to use some of the  keywords for what they are writing at the time and may add scam etc. to the title just to get attention.  Be sure you read ALL and not just the headlines about the person that you are looking up.

Now if that person has done their homework and like my friend told me have branded themselves – they you will be able to see it when you Google them.  Another thing that I like to do is visit social sites also and put in their name, read their profiles and one of the best places that I have found for other business people is APSense.  A friend of mine also wrote a great article on how to brand yourself there – Click Here To Read

Ok I know what you shy people are thinking, I really don’t want to put myself out there it makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like talking about myself.  In the TE Land there are many other ways that people are branding themselves – when talking to other listen to how some sites are being branded – here are some examples.

How about a dog named Fred at ClickFred Traffic
Every time you see a Frog now – dont you think about Froggy Hits
Horror Films makes you think of Horror Movie Hits
Mention Cows and who do you think of Mo’s cows at Holy Cow
And we all know about “Flash” at Hot Flash Hits
Can’t forget the one and only Krazy Kaye over at Krazy Exchange
What site has taught us about Marijuana and Kudos to Jon on a great job at Marijuana Hits
How about Teacup Puppies – didn’t even know they existed Teacup Puppy Traffic
Last but not least – the kid on the block – Yuppie over at Yuppie Hits

Saving the best (JMO) example of branding ……….If you have not heard about IT, seen IT, grabbed IT, and even joined IT – well I just don’t know where you have been because I think James has done an excellent job (don’t tell him as IT will go to his head) in branding his site Internet Traffic (IT) 24/7

Social Manual Traffic ExchangeIT is a new Traffic Exchange world.Just Get IT

One more before you go – want to make sure you get it – here is his latest Video

So Branding – have you learned it yet??  I hope by the examples in this post that you will get out there and start branding you, yourself, you logo – YOU need to make your presence known – have fun.

Zaney-Krazy Bag A Buck Contest

Well I know most of you are thinking about Thanksgiving but for 25 years my Thanksgiving was based around hunting season – so thought I’d get together with another site owner and who better than someone that is just as Krazy as me lololol   So we came up with the Zaney-Krazy Bag A Buck Contest and it’s really been interesting planning.
Kaye and I have been out grunting, rattling trying to herd up the deer for our promo and wouldn’t you know it just as we thought we had them all loaded in the site they went  nocturnal so we have been running around the nite trying to herd them up and we finally got them. wooooooooohooooooo.
Ok here is the scoop – this is the first time that this contest has been done – so there will probably be some bumps along the way.  We think that we have everything covered and had many people read what we are doing and they agree that it’s Zaney and Krazy.

In Wisconsin and New Mexico, we have a 9 day hunting season as since I live in Wisconsin and Kaye in New Mexico – We thought we”d stay inside where it’s warm and have a ‘Bag A Buck’ contest.

What will happen is that there will be pictures hidden on each site with a code

you surf both sites write down the code and send in a support ticket with the code of the buck or bucks you are bagging

each buck has a different code and each code has a different prize and each site has different codes.

You have to be really careful here in Wisconsin and New Mexico make sure that you hunt legally – the DNR (me & Kaye) will be watching your codes.

Now here is the twist to this – if you bag a picture that should not be bagged – then you will be arrested and fined.  Now to get out of jail and pay your fine it will cost you credits.

1 credit for each dollar – example if your fine is $25.00 it will cost you 25 credits to pay your fine.  Your fine is $50.00 – 50 credits will be subtracted from your account.

There is an over-population of deer in Wisconsin & New Mexico so yes you can bag more than one buck – the more bucks you bag the more you win BUT don’t be bagging bucks or deer that you shouldn’t be or you will get fined.

Now since this is a ‘Bag a Buck’ contest – there will be prizes for bagging the most and here they are……..

One $10.00 winner
One $5.00 winner
5 winners of $1.00
5 winners of 500 credits
5 winners of 500 banners impressions
5 winners of 500 text impressions

Click the banner to join as the bucks are hidden on both sites and you have to surf both sites to be eligible for the prizes

Also, we will be checking the stats to make sure that you surfed the pages to earn the code – any cheaters caught well be fined $100.00 = 100 credits