Keep Your Profile Updated

Today I have run into a few things and thought I would share with you and why you should keep your profile updated.

As a TE owner, there are times that extra prizes are given for different reasons at a site and I was working on awarding prizes today to find that alot of members profiles were not updated.

If you want to earn these extra prizes, you need to fill in your Zubee username, the CTP (Click Track Profit) username – you are missing out on your prize if they are not filled in.

The other thing that I also ran across today – you know how you get emails saying that you have commissions, referrals etc.  well if you have the box unclicked in your profile you will not get these notices.

Well I knew I had gotten quite a few from sites and thought I’d go and check out where I might be at payout.  Most of you know that I use TECP (TE Command Post) to check this and wow what a surprise.

When I logged into TECP, I could see that I was at payout at quite a few sites and from there I could click on the site to login and see what was wrong.  Yes I’m guilty sometimes of forgetting to put in my payment addy and I actually was surprised when I got to some sites.

Now I’m not sure when this happened but from what I hear there is a new plugin that some sites have added and this is another reason why you should keep your profile updated.

If you have not been to your profile lately, take the time to check them as I have also been told that if this is not filled in then – you may not get your commissions.


The Must Have Tool for Traffic Exchanges

Well I don’t know about you but I actually wish when I started there was a tool like I’m going to tell you about as life would have been so much easier.  For any TE owner or surfer, I feel this is the MUST have tool for traffic exchanges.

When you start out in TEland it not so bad to keep up with the few exchanges that you are on but I don’t care how hard you try – you are NOT going to stick to a manageable few.  This is usually what happens – you join one or two because of a recommendation from this friend and then another friend tells you about a couple more – then one of these sites has a promo with one that you are not a member of – and this keeps going and the next thing you know you have so many that you can keep up because you are not organized anymore.

After you have been in TEland as long as I have and get recommendations from so many friends like I have – well needless to say finding this tool was just a God sent.  All of a sudden you finding yourself wanting more hours in your day OR you want to know how everyone else keeps up – well here is the secret.

It’s called TE Command Post and this will be the BEST decision that you will ever make.  This is a place that you can manage ALL your traffic exchanges in ONE place – yea if you wait till I did – it’s time consuming setting up but believe me take the time.  Why? Because the time that TE Command Post will save you in the long run is just unreal.

Some of the benefits that you can get by joining free today is

  • Up to the minute account information for every listed exchange almost instantly.
  • How many credits you have waiting to be assigned
  • How many credits you have already assigned
  • Which url’s are running low on credits
  • High converting Affiliate Tools designed to build your downlines fast and bring your passive recurring affiliate commissions for TE Command Post and many other traffic-related sites

You know what I love about this tool is that I get a daily email giving me the scoop on the TEs that I am a member of – from that email I can easily know where I need credits, where I need to surf, what is showing and what is not showing.

AND if you are a newbie and don’t have a product or site to start earning money online then is is the tool/program you have been looking for – join and become an affiliate and you can start earning commissions just by referring others and when they upgrade – you earn.

So is there a product/tool out there that is perfect for TEland – yes there is and you just found out about it here.  Stop wasting your time trying to organize yourself, stop wasting time logging into all your sites to see if your sites are showing – join TE Command Post and get your TEs that you are member of and you will find that you are going to get more referrals, save yourself time, and even earn commissions by letting other know your secret.

This a free to join program and there’s really nothing hidden and no reason not to try it today.  Grab the MUST have tool for traffic exchanges NOW.