What is in Your Site Terms?

terms2Well there is lot that goes on behind the scene sometimes that other owners and members should be aware of and I personally feel this is one of them as this has been a nightmare for me – what is in your site terms.

If you have not read them and gone thru them now is the time as it was my site terms that saved my hinder the other day.  This is what happened – I had a member join and brought in many referrals and then used the sites rotator to put their pages in the BODY of some spam emails.

This was first brought to my attention a couple week ago in one of my skype rooms as one of the members had received one and then as we were talking another pipped up and said he had to.

So I wanted to warn members and other owners when you see emails like this – most of the time it is promoting a click bank product and then it will say if you like this product there are some more that the senders name suggest and that is when they add the rotator.

When you do get one of these emails you need to report them as spam but first you should get the info from the header of the email and this is how you get that info.report spam

You have to open the email, then on the right side, you have to choose the little menu next to the reply arrow, then choose show original, then copy that and send it in an email to you. forwarding it does not show the header where it came from.  That is how emails can be tracked down and how you should report all spam emails.

So bottom line here was because my site’s rotator was in the body of the email – my site got reported for spam to the company that has my domain.   They threaten to shut the site down, fine me, etc. if I didn’t stop this – I had to go thru hours of proving it was not me.

The funny thing is that my hosting company didn’t get one report and it took me getting them on the phone with the people that has my domain plus sending them a copy of my terms, screen shots that the members was suspended and banned – then they were happy.

So members and site owners – please read the terms of your site, report spam emails the right way and ALWAYS let a owner know if you are seeing these things going on so they can put a stop to them.

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13 thoughts on “What is in Your Site Terms?

  1. HI Nancy,

    Great Blog post Nancy and thanks for the heads up about this! I will have to make sure that all TOS are written properly now just to be on the safe side. It is a shame though what some people will do to try and hurt others…that is terrible! I am so glad though that you were able to get it all taken care of in your favor…thank goodness!


      • It is fortunate that you had a hosting company that helped you deal with the issue.

        I am having trouble with a few of my add-on domains with my hosting company that seem to keep sending spam, he said he fixed it and removed the Trojans that had found their way onto these domains, and all was good, until this morning. He said they are back and sending spam again and so I would need to do a fresh install of all of my scripts and sites! This is way beyond my scope of expertise! and I know I won’t be able to do this without someones technical ability and knowledge!

        Hence I am experiencing my own nightmare!

  2. Hi Nancy.
    I am so sorry that happened to you and the many hrs you had to spend to clear up that mess. It saddens and angers me, that there are more and more people, wanting to make our lives miserable.
    Thank you for sharing all the details with us, to give us a heads up, on what to watch for.

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