What Happened to Creativity?

This popped into my head today as I was going through my emails and thought it would make a great blog post – What Happened to Creativity?

First, for all of you that don’t remember what the word means,  “creativity” is the use of the imagination or original idea – now did you see the word Original.? THAT means created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation.

Now I don’t know about you but I DO NOT even open emails with these headlines:

Claim Your Login Spotlight Reward
Cross Promo with XYZ Site
Our Surf Timers Have Been Lowered
2 Day Credit Special

Usually, these are default headliners and I feel owners are just being lazy and keep sending out.  Now think about it – You have to pay money for that spot in the Spotlight Logins. Do you really think that sending out all these emails with the same old headline are going to get members excited about logging in and taking a look at your ad?

Now I don’t know about you but I believe, if you are going to run a business, you would want to stick out… be different… AND give members a REAL reason to login to your site… hence this blog post!!

I think I’m on a roll here… there other headlines that don’t get opened are the ones that sound too good to be true or are full of spam words.  You can Google to find out about this OR this blog post that I found very interesting…

438 Spam Trigger Words to Avoid And Why Context Matters More

So I’m going to ask once more… What Happened to Creativity? I am hoping that bringing this to YOUR attention will spark some creativity.  I’m looking forward to opening up my emails and see some of this YOUR creativity.

Oh and while you have your creativity on a roll – the same can be applied to TEXT ads – give the people a REASON to click that ad, click your email.

Yeahhhhhhhh I see that mind going – Zaney Clicks needs some text ads – so let me see what you can create!!


6 thoughts on “What Happened to Creativity?

  1. Oh wow, amen to this!!!

    Nothing will get me to delete emails quicker than some of those headlines.

    We need some creativity for real. And more importantly I think, something that fires people up so that they WANT to read and open our emails

    Great stuff Nancy, thanks for posting!

    • Thanks Jon and I know I don’t even bother opening those or even go to the sites very often – I feel that owners don’t want to put in the time to spruce up their sites then why bother visiting

  2. I think it’s important that we continue to address the “laziness” issue in our industry, as your blog post does today 🙂

    Sometimes we get so caught up with doing “what works” and forget that the audience in our industry is constantly evolving. What worked “yesterday” may not work today.

    Outstanding food for thought Nancy 🙂

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