What Do You See When Surfing?

judgingcatWhile I am one that surfs many sites – today I was just thinking (scary thought
huh?) what do you see when surfing?  I bet if asked each of you would have
a different answer on what they see when surfing.

Since I am well over due for a blog post, I thought I would put it out there and see what others are really seeing.  There are many reasons that a person surfs , most surf to earn credits to get their sites seen.

This post is to try to get you to pay attention to what are you really seeing
and do you really know what you have seen.  Now if most were honest bet
the main thing that you watch are the icons and making sure you are clicking
the right ones – come on I know I’m guilty of that sometimes as my mind
wanders and stop paying attention.

But when I’m really paying attention there are things that I look at – like –
which sites are being shown and who is promoting and taking action.
Then I also pay attention to the banners and text ads to see if there is
something there to make me want to click and what was it that made me
want to click.  Plus I’m always looking for new ways and ideas to promote
Zaney Clicks and surfing wakes up my creativity.

223983781438059586_OQ73fQx9_bNow I know most of you get that page what was the last site you seen? How many of you get it right and how many of you don’t.  I know lot of people don’t like that mod but I really think that is great as it does help to wake you back up from just the click, click, click and not really paying attention

And yes I have missed those questions and why I know they do make me pay attention more  after missing one – the next time is comes up don’t it make you feel better when you get it right.  Well this not only is good that you were paying attention but then you are not viewing ads like you wish others are viewing yours.

Well it amazes me that I have no clue what I’m going to say when I start and
then all of a sudden I have see that I went on and on – oops.  But one other
thing to sum all this up – just don’t click, click, click to earn that penny,
nickel, sticker, badge, zubee – really pay attention to your fellow members ads.

Leave a comment and let’s hear what do you see when you are surfing – don’t
be shy as your feedback will be very helpful to others – no matter how long
you have been doing this – we still can learn new things – teach me something


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15 thoughts on “What Do You See When Surfing?

  1. A thought provoking post Nancy. I surf for credits to get my site seen as much as possible; to get it and myself branded. Along the way I’ve been known to join lists to check out different things and love to see new stuff being promoted. Um, the question about the last site seen…what was that page again? haha, I’m terrible at it and get excited when I do get it right.

  2. 98-99% from surfers don’t pay attention to what is advertising on the pages, more when you see same ads again and again.
    The scope for surfing is to earn more credits in a short time to make their ads!
    The people who send advertisement to other sites need to come with new pages design, even they make ads for the same thing.

  3. When I surf I am always looking for that eye popping headline 🙂 or a combination of swords that catch my eye – I like using those ideas when creating email ads. 🙂

    We need to urge our folks to actually look at ads and take action. Challenge them to occasionally subscribe to a list. How about a ‘subscribe to a list day’. You can always unsubscribe if one does not like the content. 🙂

    We really need to encourage folks to take action on list building.


    • Thanks Tony – I have wondered about getting members more active – the problem that I have heard is that they are getting too many emails already that they don’t want to add more to that but do agree that people do need to focus on list building

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  5. Im looking for “wow” something that stops me in my tracks and makes me look at it.

    NEW sites and what exchanges are being promoted the most. most of the time its a great indicator of where to surf and market my ads.

    **** BUT WHAT I SEE ***
    Is the same pages over and over the same Donkey mail pages and basic splash pages owners made for a site like 4 or 5 years ago.

    I notice prizes and word search. I notice Logos and Icons. Sites with mascots or people I know ….. dang you nancy now i have to write a whole blog post on this same topic cause i can keep going on and on and on
    James DIas

  6. Oh wow, this was posted at the perfect time.

    I’ll echo a lot of what was stated above but I have always said…If you treat people’s site like you want yours to be treated, good things happen.

    Doesn’t mean you need to sign up with everything you see, just to give it the same respect and attention you want yours to be given.

    That being said, what James said is pretty much bang on….Same pages. PTP garbage. Same ol’ same ol’….Wanna get better results? It doesn’t take much these days.

    Stick out from the crowd and people WILL notice your sites.

    • Thanks Jon and I agree that people should watch others sites just like you are wanting others to watch yours – and you are so right that good things will happen.
      Yes seeing the same pages all the time does make you go blind to what you are viewing – so remember the post Are You A Purple Cow

  7. I’m always looking for inspiration. Something that will get my creative juices flowing. Plus, I’m looking for folks who are going above and beyond to get their pages noticed.
    What I normally see is the newest hot trend which is gone in a few weeks.

  8. Very cool post Nancy 🙂

    I am pretty much the same as you when I surf:

    “which sites are being shown and who is promoting and taking action.
    Then I also pay attention to the banners and text ads to see if there is
    something there to make me want to click and what was it that made me
    want to click. Plus I’m always looking for new ways and ideas to promote…”

    I try to pay as much attention as I can. When something catches my eye for some reason, I stop and look a bit closer. That look may be anywhere from a few additional seconds to a few additional minutes.

    That’s why it’s so important for advertisers to remember that it is up to THEM to attract OUR attention. They are not OWED our attention. There always have been and always will be people who surf for credits, points, badges, stickers and on and on. That will NOT change. But there are also folks who are always on the lookout for “something.”

    Thanks for a great post Nancy. This is the kind of thing that needs to be talked about more in our industry.

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