One is a lonely number

Well I am going to date myself but do you remember the song by Three Dog Night – it was called “ONE” and the line One is a Lonely Number.  For all of you that want a walk down memory lane – watch the video below.

Now I know what you are wondering what in the world does that have to do with my blog post – well actually alot as I have been meaning to write this for awhile.  AND I want to gear this post to all the people who I hear that they don’t get any referrals, they are not earning any money online, and they don’t know where to turn.

Well now you will see where the “ONE” comes from – if you are a person that can relate with any of the above – maybe it’s time to back up and reevaluate what you are doing.  When I first started as an affiliate, I found myself joining many programs and then not knowing which one to promote first.

My advice to you is to step back, look at all your affiliate programs you are in no matter what they are and ask yourself some things.  Break down your list into sites that I am upgraded in vs you are a free member of.  Do you have a monthly upgrade or do you have a lifetime membership.  Now research and see what your commissions are in each of the upgraded programs you are in.  Got that info yet?

Ok do you know which if any of these programs you have gotten referrals in?  Have you been tracking to know what page got you the referrals.  Did you connect with your referrals that you did get – do they know you are their person to go to.  You would be surprised how many times I ask this and 80% of the time people have no clue who they joined under and have never heard from the person they joined under.

Once you have done this – what did you learn?  If you listen to your referral, you will find out why they joined under you and you can start developing a game plan.  Was it because you had a branded page, did you design your own page, which page did they join from and what kind of help do they need.

numberoneGetting a layout of your game plan now?  Well you should be – you should know by your tracking and talking with your referral what worked to get them to the site.  Now that you have that, then start with the ONE site with the most referrals and get out there and promote that ONE site for the next 30 days doing all the things that you have just found out – why your referrals signed up, what page worked, from tracking what sites worked.

If you found that it was a safelist, mailer, text ad site etc., then you may want to join a few more of these type of sites and get your ads out there.  Use your ONE ad and put it in everyone of these sites that you belong to and just repeat it for the next 30 days.

Now I know you all are thinking about what about all the other sites that I’m an affiliate of  – well they have to go on the back burner for right now.  You can NOT promote multiple sites and get results until you have some kind of game plan on what it working and get that game plan down – once you are getting signup from what you are doing – then you add a 2nd site – and do what they call a rinse & repeat,

Is this going to work for every site that you are an affiliate at – the answer is no – but at least you have an outline of what to do to get your game plan – and then tweak it for each site.  Just remember ONE is a lonely number but get a game plan on that ONE site and you will be able to move on after that.

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25 thoughts on “One is a lonely number

  1. Nancy very good blog. It is hard not to promote all your site, but I am marketing one program that has 5 of my best upgrade sites that has good conversion.

    Lady V

  2. Great advice here Nancy. I am guilty of “not doing” and “doing” some of those things mentioned. I guess I now know where and how to begin to get “some needed” referrals. I now have a “concrete” plan to work with. Thanks Nancy.

  3. Thanks for the memories Nancy,

    Boy, if I had a nickle for every time I sang that song with my band in my younger days I could buy a lifetime upgrade somewhere. Can’t hit Those notes anymore though now. But your advice is sure Rock solid. Hard to remember sometimes, we always see the shiny new site begging our attention. By focus all solely on one site, tweaking and prodding and pushing until you know when you send out that email or put up that splash page what you should get. You can already have a good sense of the response you will receive.
    Then you can apply that knowledge to other projects that you want to promote.
    Of course it’s always easier said than done. But with a little determination, you will soon see Nancy’s plan of attack can really produce positive results. Besides, if you’re not making any money now, what have you got to lose?

    • Oh cool the things you learn about people did know you sang and had a band – that is cool and you are right if what you are doing now is not working – what you got to lose – try this and see what happens

  4. Nancy,

    That was an excellent post, gave me a shot in the arm too, as I am in the process of refocussing my efforts. Haven’t got it down to one particular site yet but working on that with the help of the tracking stats.
    Must admit that Johnathon made a good point about it being hard especially when one particular site keeps adding new sites to its repertoire so to speak.
    I enjoyed reading and hope more will come and be re-educated on the basics.


    • Thanks Les and I know it hard but I feel that if you take what you do online serious you will try different things till you find what works – it’s just like raising a kid – you have the basics from what other have told you and from your upbringing – BUT you tweak all that just enough to make parenting work for you

  5. The song sparked memories for me, as I used to listen to it a lot. Your blog makes a lot of sense. I can remember when I first started to join programs on the net and was having a hard time trying to decide which one to promote. Still, after a couple of years online, it amazes me at the number of referrals, that never answer an email. I have emailed plenty of them, without so much as a quick reply. Any suggestions?

    • Good point Julie and you are right – alot of the time a referral is one shocked that you contacted them and most are on guard and wondering what you are going to pushing on them next – you will find that if you don’t push, give them solid, sound advice – tell them about some of your experiences they will warm up to you. You have to remember it’s like when you meet a stranger for the first time – you need to break the ice with little chit-chat before you start talking business. Personally when I first meet someone for the first time and they start talking business it’s a turn off for me – I want that personal touch and I think you will find that most do.
      That is one thing that I can see with working online – you are working thru a machine and most treat the other person on the other side of the screen like a number – the personal customer service has been thru out the window, I feel, and that is what made alot of ma and pa business grow. Most of the time years ago, you were paying more for things but having that personal touch with an owner or employee that you got to know made the difference. It’s just getting back to some of the basics.

    • You welcome and sometimes it’s just the approach – try different ways to break the ice with them – remember when you first started. I remember when I first started I was so shy, had the fear that I was going to look so stupid so I was afraid to talk at first. I know it takes some effort but when I have a referral that don’t respond – then I try looking them up on Facebook and the sites have made that easier as most of the time you can add them as a friend when surfing.
      Maybe go and check out their profile – find out something that you have in common, leave them a message on their page, show them you are a real person – break down the fear barrier that they have. You will be surprised how many people that I have chatted with either because they love cats, love gardening, love line dancing or maybe they live in a place I have always wanted to visit. – Hope that helps.

  6. Great advice once again, Nancy. My problem has been finding the ONE that is worthy of my promotional efforts. I have tried many but ultimately found some fatal flaw in the program that sent me back to searching for something else. May I ask for a recommendation from you as to what particular program you find most valuable and most rewarding for your hard work?

  7. Great advice as always Nancy.
    I was hopping here and there trying to find a program until I got Surf Bass and it took awhile to see real results but we are hopping now! But when I was seeing little results I would find myself drifting and adding other programs in. Staying focused is hard.

  8. Awesome advice Nancy. A lot of people get confused by “multiple streams of income”. What they fail to see is to build one stream at a time. At the end it’s less work, it’s easier and it works better. And you get less distracted by those shiny objects 😉

  9. Greetings Nancy;
    Fondest memories of Three Dog Night concerts late 70’s
    Excellent post excellent tips I have just come to realize.
    A Web Site With Out Traffic Is Like Christmas With Out Santa.

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