Keep Your Profile Updated

Today I have run into a few things and thought I would share with you and why you should keep your profile updated.

As a TE owner, there are times that extra prizes are given for different reasons at a site and I was working on awarding prizes today to find that alot of members profiles were not updated.

If you want to earn these extra prizes, you need to fill in your Zubee username, the CTP (Click Track Profit) username – you are missing out on your prize if they are not filled in.

The other thing that I also ran across today – you know how you get emails saying that you have commissions, referrals etc.  well if you have the box unclicked in your profile you will not get these notices.

Well I knew I had gotten quite a few from sites and thought I’d go and check out where I might be at payout.  Most of you know that I use TECP (TE Command Post) to check this and wow what a surprise.

When I logged into TECP, I could see that I was at payout at quite a few sites and from there I could click on the site to login and see what was wrong.  Yes I’m guilty sometimes of forgetting to put in my payment addy and I actually was surprised when I got to some sites.

Now I’m not sure when this happened but from what I hear there is a new plugin that some sites have added and this is another reason why you should keep your profile updated.

If you have not been to your profile lately, take the time to check them as I have also been told that if this is not filled in then – you may not get your commissions.


Click Track Profit Bigfoot Badge Hunt

Well the big day is June 1 for the Click Track Profit Bigfoot Badge Hunt to start and if you are not part of Click Track Profit you are missing out on some great traffic.

How it works: The top 25 members that claim the most badge hunt badges each get $15!  The member that claims the most badges gets $125!
On top of that Every badge claim gives you a Team Point you can save and use in our next Season Competition!

Now all you have to do is click the image above and then you will see all the Bigfoot Badges that area available and you area wondering how you collect them.  All you have to do is click on the Bigfoot and there will be instructions on what you need to do to get the badge.

This is a fun event and there is lot of traffic to the sites that are in this event – so if you are members of these sites – make sure that you have your sites loaded up with credits.

Zaney Clicks is in this event so letting everyone a day ahead to get your credits assigned, get your banners and text ads in there  also as this is a 20 day event.


Let’s go grab some badges

Rumor is they do not work

rumor1After chatting with a friend of mine this morning and we were talking about places that we get referrals from and then it came up that rumor is they do not work.  Have you heard this before – I know I have many times and you know how you can stop the rumors – track, track, track and I’m going to give you some examples.  These examples are from my tracker mod and it tracks where members have their links – the admin stats are separate and not listed.

CTP – love them or hate them – sometimes you run across things that you may not totally agree with the way the owners are doing things or you simply don’t like the owners – but ask yourself are why are you making the decision to use or not use a site and here are the results from there – copied from my tracker and you will see the domain name, amount of hits and then last number is amount of signups 1549 124

Donkeymails – rumor is they do not work – now I know I have heard that this site is a spam site, it don’t work and is a waste of time but after seeing the tracking results 32 5

PTC sites – rumor is they do not work and are waste of of time – how many times have you heard that.  All the people on PTC (paid to click) just click and don’t really look at the ads – sound familiar? 14014 3

Mailers – rumor is they do not work as I have sent so many emails and not one signup – one thing that people do it blame the site – have you ever thought about changing what you are sending out, change your headline and test, test, test. 112 3 300 2

Brand new sites – often I’m asked why jump into a new site when you don’t know the owner or if the site is going to stick around and have always felt that you just need to keep you site out there so that you can prove to people that YOU or your site that you promote is one of them that are – be seen everywhere you can – JMO 2190 4 30 3

Downline Builders – why spend the time to fill your referral id’s in  – no one ever looks at them anyway – well I have one example that proves they they do 9 2

Site is too Big and has too many members – forgot this one and came back to add as this is also important one as lot of people tell me this site don’t work also 17683 3

Now the other thing that I want you to pay attention to is how many hits it takes sometimes and for the people that tell you try a site – buy 1000 credits and if no signups move on – well think the stats tell all.

So now I hope that you can see how important it is to track, track, track and then you don’t have listen to the rumor is they do not work.  This is the only way that you will know for sure.  Now keep in mind what works for one person may not work for another that is why you have to test, track, test, track.