Zaney Clicks FAQs

What is a Surf Site?

Surf Sites are online services
where web site owners trade site views.
Other members of Zaney Clicks will
view your web site when you visit the
sites of other members.


How Do I Receive Hits?

Click 'Surf' on the members area menu
to start viewing sites from other members.
You will earn credits for every site you view.
Your site will receive one hit for each credit
that you assign to your site.

What are the free members benefits?

Surfing Ratio 2:1
Timer: 10 seconds
Max number of sites - 10
Max number of Banners - 10
Max number of Text Ads - 10
Referral Credits 10%
Commissions 5%
OTO Commissions 5%

How Do I Get Paid?

Free members get paid with Zaney Cash.
Zaney Cash can then be traded for Zaney
Ads .

Upgraded members get paid to their payment processor
(that is why you need to add your
addy) and payouts are made when a member
reaches $25.00.


I still have questions, now what?

You can add me on Skype @ nancyradlinger
You can join our Skype support/chat room
but going to your member's area and clicking
the Skype button. You can send me a support ticket by clicking
on the ask adminYou can also join Zaney Clicks on Facebook
just login to FB and type Zaney Clicks in the
search and join our group.

I am a very active site owner and feel free to
contact me with your questions, new ideas,
suggestions for improving the site, etc. - I am
here to listen to YOU.

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