What gets you motivated?

70368812898529689_NFxvEVTK_bYou can ask that question to alot of people and probably will get so many different answers but let me tell you what I tell people when I’m asked What gets you motivated

Most of you know that I’m retired now and thus back online full time and yes I did get back in my old habits of being a nite owl – and love it, love it, love it.  See I work all nite while most are sleeping and then go to bed and watch what happens when I get up.

On a typical day I usually get up from anywhere between noon and 2 PM and this has been working for me, I first do my skype messages, the support tickets, emails and then before I start my day of activities – I have found a Blab session that I am just loving.

For all of you that have not heard of Blab – this is a video chat where you can listen to the speaker live and comment in the chat – kinda like spreecast.  Anyway Jon Olson does a live show Monday – Friday at 4 EST.  This is the kickass that I need each day as he keeps it short, to the point but wowwwwwwww the info that you get is just awesome.

Now don’t whine yet as if that time don’t work for you – it’s recorded and you can watch it at your convenience.    I want to just add a few of the latest ones that I have just loved and hope that you will stop by sometimes.

AND by taking action afterwards instead of making excuses, I can get up the next day and go wowwwwwww that is just awesome – in skype I hear about maybe the first sale a member got, someone else got 5 referrals and never got that many in one day and the list goes on and on – that is what gets me motivated.

changeIt’s not easy to putting in all the hours it takes sometimes or to keep pushing when you are not seeing the results that you are wanting yet.  Well I look at it this way imagine that you have a jar that you save your change in – and each day you add to that jar.  If you keep adding everyday to that jar – all of a sudden that jar gets full.

Here is some of the latest videos that I have enjoyed – click any of the links below

3 Steps For Massive Growth of Your List
Your Vision! Your Goals!
The Race To Remarkable
Branding, Building & Everything In Between



2 thoughts on “What gets you motivated?

    • It’s amazing how much content you are getting out there in 20 minutes and if people can’t spare 20 minutes a day to listen on ways to expand and grow their business then they should not complain any when it don’t work – keep them coming – love them

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