TE Marathon – your questions

Well for all of you that have asked me about TE Marathon and what is it, how does it work and why should I collect so thought it would be easier to answer all of you in this blog post.

TE Marathon is a traffic exchange with a little twist – oh I know what is running thru your mind “another TE”.  At TE Marathon – you not only can surf to get your sites seen BUT you can also surf other sites and still get your site seen.

How?  What? When you surf the group of traffic exchanges (TE’s) you watch for the medals in the surf bar and the more you collect the more advertising you are earning.

The prizes you win by finding each medal:

Surf 51 pages
100 Text Ad Impressions (Free member)
400 Text Ad Impressions (Pro member)
Surf 101 pages
50 Banner Impressions (Free member)
200 Banner Impressions (Pro member)
Surf 251 pages
10 Credits (Free member)
40 Credits (Pro member)
Surf 501 pages
20 Credits (Free member)
80 Credits (Pro member)
Surf 1001 pages
$0.02 (Free member)
$0.08 (Pro member)

For Pro members the prizes are multiplied by 4!
Now the reasons are way too numerous to list them all there – so why don’t you join me and see for yourself – you will not regret the ease of this new TE with a twist.


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