Day 7 Winners of Nancy’s 60th Birthday Bash

Here is the results of all the lotto tickets turned in for Day 7 Congratulations to all the winners woooooooohooooooooo

Member 62968 Judith Barnett  won 1 Platinum 30 day upgrade at Holy Cow Hits
Member 63103 Gillian Bosworth won 1 month upgrade at SciFi Hits
Member 62613 Sissy Moss won 1 month upgrade Krazy Exchange
Member 63063 Cristiana Roda won 1 log in spotlight at TE Surf Social
Member  58618 Anette Hultman won 1-Month Power Pro Upgrade at Tezak Traffic Power
Member 62374 Meredith Bilski won 1 30-day upgrade at Traffic-Splash
Member 63094 Darran Oneil won 1 month upgrade at Dare 2 Click
Member 62660 veronica smith won 1-month SurferPro Upgrade at Traffic Speedway
Member 62922 Sharmila Parte won credit packages of 100/500/500 at Hot Flash Hits
Member 62714 Alex Sandi sasmita won 1 month upgrade at Hits Impossible
Member 62890 Susan Shropshire won one month upgrade at PartyBiz Hits
Member 62827 Thea Penders won 1 month upgrade at Traffic Troll

If you won a prize and are not a member of the site that you won the prize from then you can click here and join the site – to help me say a special thank you to all the TEs that donated prizes – you must surf 50 pages at the site you won your prize to get your prize.

Thanks everyone that turned in tickets on Day 7 and stopping by to help me celebrate my 60th Birthday and most of all thanks for being a member of Zaney Clicks.

The daily promo prizes will be listed on the calendar like normal – just login to your members’ area and click on the promo calendar – click on the site name and the details of the winners are added after the promo. (I finally got caught up with all the daily woooohooo)

Again, I want to thank everyone for an awesome birthday – this was so much fun – yes even counting all those lotto ticket.  You are just awesome, awesome, awesome.

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