Day 5 Winners of Nancy’s 60th Birthday Bash

Here is the results of all the lotto tickets turned in for Day 5 Congratulations to all the winners woooooooohooooooooo

Member 62374 Meredith Bilski won 30-day upgrade at Traffic-Splash
Member 62968 Judith Barnett won log in spotlight at Hot Flash Hits
Member 63094 Darran Oneil won 1-Month Power Pro Upgrade at Tezak Traffic Power
Member 62870 Damita Buck won 30 day gold upgrade at PG Traffic
Member 62613 Sissy Moss won 200/500/1000 at Traffic Speedway
Member 63103 Gillian Bosworth won credit packages of 100/500/500 at Hot Flash Hits
Member 63006 Richard Jelinek won 1000 credit package at Click Roads
Member 63136 Brian Rickert won platinum 60 day upgrade at Treasure Hunting Traffic

If you won a prize and are not a member of the site that you won the prize from then you can click here and join the site – to help me say a special thank you to all the TEs that donated prizes – you must surf 50 pages at the site you won your prize to get your prize.

Thanks everyone that turned in tickets on Day 5 and stopping by to help me celebrate my 60th Birthday and most of all thanks for being a member of Zaney Clicks.

The daily promo prizes will be listed on the calendar like normal – just login to your members’ area and click on the promo calendar – click on the site name and the details of the winners are added after the promo. (and yes I am behind and will get caught up – I don’t post the winners till I have the prizes posted)


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